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Solar Periodicity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I was pointed to a 2010 post by Dr. Roy Spencer over at his always interesting blog. In it, he says that he can show a relationship between total solar irradiance (TSI) and the HadCRUT3 global … Continue reading

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Cycles Without The Mania

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Are there cycles in the sun and its associated electromagnetic phenomena? Assuredly. What are the lengths of the cycles? Well, there’s the question. In the process of writing my recent post about cyclomania, I came … Continue reading

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Solar cycle update – sun’s magnetic activity still in a slump

Despite some small upticks on sunspot and 10.7cm radio activity, the magentic activity of the sun is still bumping along the bottom. A slight uptick was seen in sunspot count.  A similar slight uptick occurred in radio flux.

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Another solar study: this one suggests no significant solar influence

On Saturday I posted about this study from Pierre Gosselin at No Tricks Zone: New Study Shows A Clear Millennial Solar Impact Throughout Holocene Now we have another that suggests little effect. and shows a business as usual projected warming … Continue reading

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Frank Lansner on Foster and Rahmstorf 2011

This is a repost from Lansner’s website, since Tamino aka Grant Foster won’t allow it to be discussed on his own website, I thought I’d give a forum for discussion here. – Anthony The real temperature trend given by Foster … Continue reading

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