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Getting GRLed

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. recently submitted this paper to Geophysical Research Letters (GRL): A homogeneous database of global landfalling tropical cyclones Jessica Weinkle* and Roger Pielke, Jr. Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado, 1333 Grandview Ave, … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katia now category 4 3 2  1

Katia, after dropping into tropical storm speeds has regained hurricane strength and has rapidly grown to a Category 4 hurricane. Fortunately, it appears it will miss the USA east coast. Here’s the latest tracks and bulletins: Track:

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Hurricane Irene not packing much of a “punch” so far

One of the great things about Internet, technology, and personal weather stations today is that I can sit comfortably in my home in California and watch the storm progress on the other coast. This map from Weather Underground suggests that … Continue reading

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Why I don’t subscribe to Scientific American any more

It is because of beyond stupid fear mongering like this: Are Category 6 Hurricanes coming soon? Really? Lest people think this is some sort of “new” fear, I’ll remind them of this from 1969, well before CO2 was bogusly posited … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Mike Smith on “This Week’s Stupidest Global Warming Story”

By Mike Smith of Meteorological Musings This story from London’s Daily Mail is so bad, the reporter won’t even put his or her name on it. In the story, we learn the Joplin tornado was caused by global warming.  We learn … Continue reading

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Global hurricane activity at historical record lows: new paper

During the past 6-years since Hurricane Katrina, global tropical cyclone frequency and energy have decreased dramatically, and are currently at near-historical record lows.  According to a new peer-reviewed research paper accepted to be published, only 69 tropical storms were observed … Continue reading

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Hurricane season starts today

From NASA Goddard- Atlantic hurricane season sticks to the calendar: System 93L NOTE: I’ve posted the most current image below, the system has already crossed the Florida peninsula and is now in the Gulf of Mexico – Anthony Hurricane season … Continue reading

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NOAA hurricane outlook indicates an above-normal Atlantic season

Looks pretty much the same as Mann’s hurricane season predictions The Atlantic basin is expected to see an above-normal hurricane season this year, according to the seasonal outlook issued by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center – a division of the National Weather … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi’s hurricane season

The Hurricane Season ( a rehash of what I have had so far) By Joe Bastardi, WeatherBell I see Dr Mann has a forecast out for 16 storms plus or minus 4, NOAA is out with theirs tomorrow. It is … Continue reading

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Mann’s hurricane season predictions

Hockey team science wonk Dr. Michael Mann has released his hurricane predictions, just in time to pre-empt NOAA’s planned release of their forecast ,Thursday, May 19, 2011 – 11:30 a.m. ET. ESSC Scientists make prediction for 2011 North Atlantic Hurricane … Continue reading

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The approach of Cyclone Yasi as told by the data

In our previous post, we highlighted the BoM weather station on Willis Island, and wondered what would happen to it and to the staff who worked there. Fortunately the staff has been evacuated prior to Yasi hitting the island. They … Continue reading

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Australia braces for Cyclone Yasi as it hits Category 5

UPDATE: Live The last radar image from Willis Island added below. The last radar image is truly striking. Also, see below for the differences between the Australia hurricane scale and the familiar Saffir-Simpson scale used in the USA. They are … Continue reading

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Snowzilla and the Yeti Yasi

We have Snowzilla in the USA… …and Yasi in Oz. Crikey! Look at the size of this thing a day ago: Jo Nova has a size comparison for the present. To give you some idea of just how expansive Yasi … Continue reading

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Hurricanes and global warming – still no connection

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. sends word via email of a review of his new paper on ClimateWire, plus notes that Joe Romm “blows a gasket” about it. That’s clear evidence that this paper is effective in refuting one of the … Continue reading

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Global tropical cyclone activity still in the tank

Even with the expected active 2010 North Atlantic hurricane season, which accounts on average for about 1/5 of global annual hurricane output, the rest of the global tropics has been historically quiet.  The Western North Pacific this year has seen … Continue reading

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View the 2010 Hurricane Season in Google Earth

While we are waiting for Ryan Maue’s ACE 2010 report on the hurricane season, there’s this from the Google Earth blog: Greg at Geodesic contacted us to let us know about a very cool animation that his company has built … Continue reading

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