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An illustration that CO2 won’t roast the Earth in a runaway tipping point…

…because the Earth has experienced massive CO2 pulses and  recovered before. From the something you don’t see every day department comes this graph: About these ads

About these ads
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Another example of clear failure of IPCC models to predict reality in the AR5 draft

One of the regular alarm stories that comes from the global warming machine is that atmospheric methane with soon run amok and cause a tipping point. We are regularly treated to scare stories like this one from The Guardian on … Continue reading

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Nature, record heat, tipping points, Hansen’s opinion on weather noise, and all that

From NCDC’s spring report here More record warmth as scientists warn of global tipping point – CNN.com – It’s hot out there. But this time, it’s more than idle watercooler talk, according to weather scientists. At the same time the … Continue reading

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Linking an ancient CO2 drop to the Antarctic Ice Sheet using algae as a proxy

From Purdue University , another “just in time for Durban” press release. When you see phrases like “the mother of all tipping points” and you know this is overhyped control knob science. Drop in carbon dioxide levels led to polar … Continue reading

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Climate tipping point early warning system

While the press release says University of Exeter, this slide show by Tim Lenton from the University that brought up ClimateGate, UEA, sees tipping worry in every event. Source: http://www.slideshare.net/Stepscentre/tim-lenton-early-warning-of-climate-tipping-points From Eurekalert: Climate change disasters could be predicted Climate change … Continue reading

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