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Shakun on our wobbly world’s precession, ocean CO2 fizzing, the last ice age, and all that

It seems that the author of the recent paper in Nature (Shakun et al ) says that the Earth’s wobble was a contributor for ending the ice age, but won’t go so far as to call it the trigger. But … Continue reading

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Currents and climate – still not settled

From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  via Eurekalert Newly discovered Icelandic current could change North Atlantic climate picture An international team of researchers, including physical oceanographers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), has confirmed the presence of a deep-reaching ocean … Continue reading

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Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’ current – still going strong

From the American Geophysical Union: Study suggests no slowing of Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’ current The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), which carries warm water to high northern latitudes near the surface and returns cold water in the deep ocean to … Continue reading

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“Profound” climate variability engine found – leakage around the Cape of Good Hope “could mean that current IPCC model predictions for the next century are wrong”

From the National Science Foundation: Threading the Climate Needle: The Agulhas Current System Increased Agulhas “leakage” significant player in global climate variability Additional photos here The Agulhas Current which runs along the east coast of Africa may not be as … Continue reading

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