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Claim: simulated satellite data back to 1860 proves global warming caused by humans

This is just nuts, sorry, I just don’t have any other words for it. Computer modeling and simulations are not hard data nor empirical proof, especially when trying to hindcast the upper atmosphere temperature back to 1860, well before radiosonde … Continue reading

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Reply to Warren Warren

(Note: The is a reply to Warren S. Warren’s guest post here – Anthony) By Roger Cohen First I would like to say that I respect Warren greatly. He has been very energetic in his support of the APS Topical … Continue reading

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Historical climate artifacts, collect your complete set here

Chris Horner writes in with this. This is pretty funny. It is window into their possibly half-joking, still overly earnest view of their historical importance in choosing a gift for Susan Solomon. It lends credence to the view that they … Continue reading

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NOAA releases tranche of FOIA documents – 2 years later

Guest post by Christopher Horner, CEI. Today, NOAA finally delivered thousands of pages (hard copy, oddly, despite our request for electronic copies) of additional records that had been withheld during the deliberations over what to produce for a thorough FOIA … Continue reading

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Cites and Signs of the times

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been involved in climate science for a while now, this is not my first rodeo. And I’ve read so many pseudo-scientific studies that I’m starting to develop a list of signs that indicate when … Continue reading

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AGU Fellowships are easy… “With a Little Help from My Friends”

…with apologies to the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper. Most people don’t see how small and cliqueish climate science is, perhaps this perfect illustration courtesy of Climategate 2.0 will enlighten a few people. Thanks to Tom Nelson for ferreting this one … Continue reading

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NOAA’s Susan Solomon, still pushing that 2 degrees in spite of limited options

From the University of Exeter , more Durban PR rampup: Limited options for meeting 2°C warming target, warn climate change experts We will only achieve the target of limiting global warming to safe levels if carbon dioxide emissions begin to … Continue reading

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