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Tropical Storm Andrea Tracking

TS Andrea, the first named Atlantic storm of the season continues to organize, but so far has only maximum sustained winds of ~60mph. Florida will get quite a bit of rain in addition to winds. The real issue will be … Continue reading

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Storm tides and coastal protection on the German North Sea shore

Guest post by Michael Palmer The North Sea is the shelf sea between Great Britain in the West and continental Europe in the East and South. It has strong tidal movements, and is prone to storm surges that occur when … Continue reading

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A Strong Surge in Overconfidence

Update: Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. says via email “the fake photo is perfectly appropriate” and adds this update to his report on Grinstead from last year: Today Grinsted et al. have another paper out in PNAS in which they follow … Continue reading

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Model predicts more storm surge, but they use what appears to be a fake photo in the press release:

From the University of Copenhagen here at Eurekalert More hurricane surges in the future By examining the frequency of extreme storm surges in the past, previous research has shown that there was an increasing tendency for storm hurricane surges when … Continue reading

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A Reply to Hurricane Sandy Alarmists

A suggestion the Great Gale of 1821 was worse than Hurricane Sandy, and Alarmists are wrong to suggest otherwise. Guest post by Caleb Shaw While I am often humbled, when it comes to predicting the weather, I did correctly predict … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy’s ‘Unprecedented’ Storm Surge

Guest post by David Middleton Funny thing… Hurricane Sandy’s unprecedented storm surge was likely surpassed in the New England hurricanes of 1635 and 1638. From 1635 through 1954, New England was hit by at least five hurricanes producing greater than … Continue reading

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Tuesday Twitter titter

Note to Dr. Michael Mann: sarcasm only works when your don’t become the butt of the joke. Seen on Mann’s Twitter feed today with ALL CAPS for loud effect.

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Venice to be hit hard by Climate Change? Never mind

I guess they won’t need any more “Green Economic Conferences” there the like this: Where they say: “Venice is particularly hard hit by climate change and this conference is an attempt to provide solutions that various parts of Italy are … Continue reading

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