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Raising the bar on statistical significance

I was searching the early edition of PNAS for the abstract of yet another sloppy “science by press release” that didn’t bother to give the the title of the paper or the DOI, and came across this paper, so it … Continue reading

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97% Undercooked uncertainty

Roman Murieka has a great statistical analysis of the Cook ‘consensus’ paper over at Climate Audit. There’s a surprise result:

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Met Office Statistics Questioned

Is there any statistical evidence that global temperatures have changed since 1997 ? Guest post by Clive Best The UK Met Office seem determined to stand by their claim made in  response to the David Rose article in the Mail … Continue reading

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New paper blames about half of global warming on weather station data homogenization

From the told ya so department, comes this recently presented paper at the European Geosciences Union meeting. Authors Steirou and Koutsoyiannis, after taking homogenization errors into account find global warming over the past century was only about one-half [0.42°C] of … Continue reading

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Natural Variability in the Widths of the Tropics

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In my previous post, “Does This Analysis Make My Tropics Look Big?“I discussed a paper called “Recent Northern Hemisphere tropical expansion primarily driven by black carbon and tropospheric ozone”, by Robert Allen et al, hereinafter … Continue reading

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Does This Analysis Make My Tropics Look Big?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There is a new paper in Nature magazine that claims that the tropics are expanding. This would be worrisome because it could push the dry zones further north and south, moving the Saharan aridity into … Continue reading

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A mathematician’s response to BEST

Doug Keenan, who readers may remember doggedly pursued and won some tree ring data that Queens University held back, was asked to comment of the BEST papers by the Economist. He posted up the full correspondence, including his critiques. There’s … Continue reading

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Briggs on Berkeley’s forthcoming BEST surface temperature record, plus my thoughts from my visit there

UPDATE: for those visiting here via links, see my recent letter regarding Dr. Richard Muller and BEST. I have some quiet time this Sunday morning in my hotel room after a hectic week on the road, so it seems like … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Week – AGW statistical futility

Here’s a quote related to the McShane and Wyner discussion brought to light thanks to Gavin Schmidt and Michael Mann at RealClimate that I happen to agree with. Yes I know, that’s a shock to some. This quote is from … Continue reading

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McShane & Wyner Hockey Stick Smackdown – redux

WUWT readers may remember this popular article from August 30th, 2010 New paper makes a hockey sticky wicket of Mann et al 98/99/08 and then The Team’s response RC’s response to McShane and Wyner: a case of orange cones which gave rise … Continue reading

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