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Like ‘the pause’ in surface temperatures, ‘the slump’ in solar activity continues

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center has updated their monthly graph set and it is becoming even more clear that we are past solar max, and that solar max has been a dud. “The slump” continues not only in sunspot … Continue reading

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Solar cycle 24 continues the slump

Sunspot count is virtually unchanged from last month : It seems possible that we’ve seen the double peak, and it will be downhill after this.

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Solar Cycle 24 Update

Guest essay by David Archibald Recently, a number of newspaper articles spoke of the potential of cycle 25 to be   “Weakest Solar Cycle In Almost 200 Years”. “We’re in a new age of solar physics,” said David Hathaway of NASA’s … Continue reading

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The solar cycle is still slumping

It is looking more and more like a double sunspot peak for solar cycle 24. Sunspot count is down again:  A similar drop occurred in radio flux.

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February solar data shows the Sun to still be slumping – but NASA says ‘twin peaks’ may happen

The data from SWPC is in, and it is lethargic at best. Sunspot numbers took a hit, down to about 42,  a delta of ~50 lower compared to the red prediction line. 10.7 cm solar radio flux took a similar … Continue reading

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Another regime change indication – this time in solar data

Note: See also the 1997 regime change in global climate data by the same method, here I’m happy to report that something I recognized and reported back in 2008 related to solar data has been independently confirmed by another source, … Continue reading

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The sun is still in a funk: sunspot numbers are dropping when they should be rising

The sunspot number for February from SIDC is down again, to 33.1 Here’s the source of that data: http://sidc.oma.be/DATA/monthssn.dat So far, cycle 24 is significantly lower in SSN number that the last three cycles, in addition to having a delayed … Continue reading

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Solar Cycle 24 Length and Its Consequences

Guest post by David Archibald Solar Cycle 24 is now three years old and predictions of the date of solar maximum have settled upon mid-2013. For example, Jan Janssens has produced this graph predicting the month of maximum in mid-2013, … Continue reading

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Solar Max – So Soon?

Guest post by David Archibald Dr Svalgaard has an interesting annotation on his chart of solar parameters – “Welcome to solar max”: Graphic source:  http://www.leif.org/research/TSI-SORCE-2008-now.png Could it be?  It seems that Solar Cycle 24 had only just begun, with solar … Continue reading

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NASA’s Sunspot Prediction Roller Coaster

Guest Posting by Ira Glickstein Santa brought us a new Sunspot prediction to be added to NASA’s incredibly high series of at least five ill-fated predictions starting in 2006. NASA’s latest peak Sunspot Number for Solar Cycle #24 (SC24) is … Continue reading

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