Just a reminder, these are still available

Readers may recall my family trip to photograph the annular solar eclipse in May 2012, and the stunning image captured and uploaded to WUWT from a Starbucks in Fernley, NV. just minutes afterwards. A set of limited edition prints (200) has been produced and they have sold about half, and I wanted to remind you…

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2012 Annular solar eclipse – followup

Readers may remember that my family and I made a mad dash through northern California into Nevada trying to get ahead of clouds. Readers may remember this “perfect” image taken by my lovely wife that we uploaded to WUWT from a Starbucks in Fernley, NV. Hold that thought, because we have created a new image: 

Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 – data and images

I’ve been asked to provide some information on the upcoming eclipse Sunday, so here it is. I’ll actually miss the first part of the Heartland conference (Sunday night and Monday) due to the promise to my children we’d see this together. Timing for the eclipse, getting back from the spot I’ve picked out in the…