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Lewandowsky’s bear-baiting behavior

Skeptic Baiting and Academic Misconduct Guest post by Tom Fuller, writing at The Lukewarmer’s Way I see here at Watts Up With That that Australian professor Stephan Lewandowsky has teamed up with other climate activists to publish a paper designed to … Continue reading

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More shameless conspiracy theory from the ‘Skeptical Science’ smear quest team

You’ve all heard of a religious “grail quest“, I submit what we have here is an ongoing religious “smear quest”. The cartoonist (John Cook, purveyor of the laughably named “Skeptical Science”) and the psychologist (Stephan Lewandowsky), the two rightmost people … Continue reading

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Dana Nuccitelli’s holiday trick for sobering up quick: put a little less rum in your egg nog

Guest post by Alec Rawls When he argues that a reduction in forcing will cause cooling Dana Nuccitelli is not actually talking about drinking. He is talking about the solar forcing of global temperature, but the drinking analogy is a handy … Continue reading

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Beyond bizarre: University of Graz music professor calls for skeptic death sentences

[Update, Parncutt has pulled his page, the webcite link still works, 1:00 am PDT 12/24/12 ~mod] UPDATE2:  9AM PST 1/24 The Parncutt page now gets a 404 “file not found” error, which to me suggests that University of  Graz officials … Continue reading

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Hypocritical psychology professor Lewandowsky: Climate science is, like, super-transparent, only with lots of “confidential” documents; climate science is like gravity

From Tom Nelson, it was too good not to repost, especially when Lewandowsky hands out moral lessons while being immoral himself with his labeling skeptics as “moon landing deniers” with a gussed up survey and statistical slight of hand that … Continue reading

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‘Skeptical’ ‘Science’ gets it all wrong – yet again

Guest post by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Even the name of the “Skeptical” “Science” blog is a lie. The blog is neither skeptical nor scientific. It is a malicious, paid propaganda platform for rude, infantile, untruthful, and often libelous attacks … Continue reading

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‘Wrong way Nuccitelli’ hits a rock in the road

Over at Dr. Roger Pielke Sr’s  website there’s a takedown in Physics Letters A of dogmatic eco-activist and “Skeptical Science” cohort Dana Nuccitelli, along with the rest of the SkS crew, regarding their (now failed) recent rebuttal to Douglas et … Continue reading

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Mutiny of the bounties – Heartland responds to ridiculous Truthmarket campaign

This is even more ridiculous than Stephan Lewandowsky’s “moon landing conspiracy theory paper” and Skeptical Science’s sekrit “crusher crew” kids klub managed by John Cook. I suppose the people pushing these things just have no idea what clowns they look … Continue reading

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‘Skeptical Science’, Shouting, and Joe Romm’s integrity – a test

Over at Climate Progress, the alarmist organ of the Center for American Progress, Joe Romm is fond of citing an offhand remark from this WUWT story as “proof” of my alleged evilness. “Scientists” Pull a Snow Job on Reporters in … Continue reading

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Skeptical Science gets Romm-Bombed

Reposted from Popular Technology with permission Skeptical Science: Too Inaccurate for Joe Romm In March of 2012, the climate alarmist website Skeptical Science had their forums “hacked” and the contents posted online. In these it was revealed that Skeptical Science … Continue reading

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Skeptical Science conspiracy theorist John Cook runs another survey trying to prove that false “97% of climate scientists believe in global warming” meme

People send me stuff. Even though I’m supposed to be on break, I thought this worth a few minutes to post up. I have redacted the recipient address as well as the exact time stamp, and the suffix code in … Continue reading

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Quote of the week, the hilarious EPIC FAIL of Dana Nuccitelli

This has been a weird week with my appearance on PBS Newshour. As Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters documents, the alarmosphere has gone beserk over my appearance on PBS. Watching it, it becomes clear they are in a panic. Even Ralph … Continue reading

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The Daily Lew – Issue 6 – drill baby, drill.

LewWorld has increased its spin and is now “drilling into noise“. The resulting increased spin and precession looks to be creating dangerous wobble on LewWorld. Meanwhile while Lew is drilling for noise, McIntyre has tried to get the same results … Continue reading

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‘…we need a conspiracy to save humanity’

I posted this on the Daily Lew Issue 5 as an update, but I decided it was so telling of the state of mind for the SkS crowd that it needed its own separate post. This also happens to be … Continue reading

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The Daily Lew – Issue 5

(See the update below where SkS compares Climate Skeptics to the Viet Cong along with needing….”a conspiracy to save humanity”.) LewWorld continues to crumble from within and Skeptical Science has been exposed as conspiracy theory central, according to Dr. Judith … Continue reading

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The Daily Lew – Issue 4

LewWorld still has no comment of substance, and in the ‘Skeptical Science’ style, is furiously deleting inconvenient comments that ask questions like “What are you going to do now that the removal of the fake responses shows a conclusion reverse … Continue reading

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The Cook-Lewandowsky Social-Internet Link

UPDATE: For all you angry taunting types (Stoat aka William M. Connolley for example) that claim that this post represents a claim of conspiracy theory itself (hint: try to find the word in the post) you might want to register … Continue reading

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Mike’s Amazon Trick

Over at Bishop Hill, there’s an eye opening story by Shub Niggurath about the orchestration of book reviews for Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars using John Cook’s “secret” forum for the climate “in” crowd. It is a … Continue reading

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Stephan Lewandowsky’s slow motion Psychological Science train wreck

I’m a bit of a latecomer to this affair, as Lucia and Jo Nova took an early lead on pointing out the many problems with the survey methodology (or lack thereof) with the paper: Lewandowsky, S., Oberauer, K., & Gignac, … Continue reading

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Apparently Governor Brown, you’ve never visited the weather station at Lake Tahoe

I had to laugh. Governor Jerry “moonbeam” Brown has created a comical clone of the Skeptical Science website at his state office website, and announced it today in lake Tahoe with this missive via the Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert: The … Continue reading

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Dusting for Fingerprints in the Holocene

Guest Post by David Middleton Fingerprints are admissible evidence in criminal trials because of their uniqueness. The probability of two human beings having identical fingerprints is very low. Measurements of δ13C depletion have often been cited as anthropogenic “fingerprints,” proving … Continue reading

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Scafetta prediction widget update

By Dr. Nicola Scafetta It is time to update my widget comparing the global surface temperature, HadCRUT3 (red and blue), the IPC 2007 projection (green) and my empirical model (black thick curve and cyan area) based on a set of … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Apparently, I’ve irritated the fruit fly

David “fruit fly” Suzuki goes ballistic, and advocates retracting all rights from skeptics. I’m mentioned as some sort of baddie central, but at least I don’t dress up with Santa Claus to scare the kids and ask their parents to … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – how to do climate graphs

Let me preface this tutorial from Josh with a quote from my favorite television show.  – “Bazinga!”  

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Monckton responds to Skeptical Science

Cooking the books By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Mr. John Cook, who runs a website puzzlingly entitled Skeptical Science” (for he is not in the least sceptical of the “official” position) seems annoyed that I won the 2011 televised debate … Continue reading

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Part 2 of Tamino Once Again Misleads His Disciples

Guest post by Bob Tisdale This post is a continuation of my post Tamino Once Again Misleads His Followers, which was cross posted at WattsUpWithThat here. There Tamino’s disciples and his other followers, one a post author at SkepticalScience, have generally … Continue reading

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A Response to Skeptical Science’s “Patrick Michaels: Serial Deleter of Inconvenient Data”

Guest post by Patrick Michaels When the battle is being lost, there is a tendency to try to raise a level of distraction to shift the attention away from the desperate situation at hand. Such is the noise being raised … Continue reading

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A modest proposal to Skeptical Science

UPDATE: Some new data has come to light, see below. As Bishop Hill and WUWT readers know, there’s been a lot of condemnation of the way John Cook’s Skeptical Science website treated Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. recently when he attempted … Continue reading

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Over-cooked or well done?

Bishop Hill has yet another amusing entry on the post facto revisionism going on over at the oxymorinically named Skeptical Science blog run by John Cook. Add to that, Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. also has an entry where he says … Continue reading

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Bishop Hill and the skeptical cookbook

Oh this is fun, Bishop Hill catches John Cook’s “Skeptical Science” in a revisionism gaffe using The Wayback Machine. He writes:

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Pielke Sr. on Skeptical Science’s attacks on Spencer and Christy

Scientific Robustness Of The University Of Alabama At Huntsville MSU Data By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. As a result of the persistent, but incorrect (often derogatory) blog posts and media reports on the robustness of the University of Alabama MSU temperature data, … Continue reading

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