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More hype on Typhoon Haiyan – this time from Supermandia and Masters of Disaster

Scott Mandia aka Supermandia crows in his Twitter feed this AM: The graph from Weather Underground’s Masters of Disaster, Dr. Jeff Masters, follows. But there’s only one problem – one very important storm is missing from the list. About these … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: A note to ‘Supermandia’ – Mother Nature doesn’t even need Kryptonite to squish you like a bug

Professor Scott Mandia, aka ‘Supermandia’, for his infamous climate scientist in tights imagery must have a head injury form being in the ring with mother nature, otherwise he wouldn’t write stuff like this:

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Climate Craziness of the Week: ‘$300 gets you a hockey stick signed by Mike Mann’

You just have to laugh. Scott Mandia aka “SuperMandia” (seen at left) outdoes himself with a new level of craziness. And here we thought Mike Mann really didn’t like hockey stick icons: “I always thought it was somewhat misplaced to … Continue reading

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PEERs rush in: Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

Andrew Revkin reports today on the engagement of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund created by Professor Scott Mandia, aka “Supermandia” as he sees himself in the photo below. From Scott Mandia’s blog-he … Continue reading

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Supermandia and the most supersilly Climategate rebuttal ever

I just got a nauseating email release from The Daily Climate that said: DailyClimate.org is pleased to offer two opinion pieces by notable climate scientists commenting on the recent release of the climate  science emails. Get a load of this … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Supermandia

Mike Mann thinks this is cool. In case you don’t know, SUNY’s Professor Scott Mandia is the guy running Mike Mann’s legal defense fund. My only question is, why does he need hip wader boots?

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