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What Defines A Scientist?

By WUWT Regular “Just The Facts” According to USA Today on April 3rd and repeated on April 4th: “Keith Baugues is not a scientist, but that didn’t stop him on a recent wintry day from expressing skepticism about global warming … Continue reading

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Mercury fingered in Permian-Triassic extinction

Hmmm. This sounds a bit like a sales pitch against “dirty coal” in support of the recent EPA Mercury ruling instead of regular geological research. I question this research claim because they only have evidence that there were spikes of … Continue reading

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Science Is Not Being Corrupted — Scientists Are

Story submitted by John Droz. Today I received an email from an editor, who was saying that “Science” depends on what your political persuasion is. I dispute that opinion and answered as follows — Briefly, what has happened is that: … Continue reading

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NCDC’s Dr. Tom Peterson responds

After I published this story: NCDC’s Dr. Thomas Peterson: “It’s a knife fight” I wrote to Dr. Peterson to advise him that he had WUWT available to him for rebuttal should he wish. Here is his response verbatim. – Anthony ============================================================ … Continue reading

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