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Journals Not Enforcing Their Policies

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach From an interesting post entitled “Trust and Don’t Bother To Verify” on Judith Curry’s excellent blog , I’ve taken the following quote: Journals’ growing insistence that at least some raw data be made available seems … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Dr. Marcia McNutt, new Editor-In-Chief, Science Magazine

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dear Dr. McNutt: As a somewhat unwilling subscriber to Science, let me start by welcoming you as the latest editor of Science magazine. You’ve stated “Thirty-five years ago, when I was a graduate student and … Continue reading

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Where’s the hockey stick? The ‘Marcott 9′ show no warming past 1950

More on the Marcott et al “hockey stick”. All of the ‘Marcott 9′ had altered dates. Guest post by John Kehr While it took me a while to get the time together to write an article about the Marcott paper, … Continue reading

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The Journal Science – Free the code

In my opinion, this is a testament to Steve McIntyre’s tenacity. Via the GWPF: At Last, The Right Lesson From Climategate Fiasco Monday, 16 April 2012 11:21 PhysOrg A diverse group of academic research scientists from across the U.S. have … Continue reading

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The Dessler Cloud Feedback Paper in Science: A Step Backward for Climate Research

How’s this for “rapid response“? This rebuttal comes out at exactly the same time the press embargo lifts in Science. We were able to obtain advance copies of the Dessler paper, plus Dr. Spencer had seen it as a poster … Continue reading

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