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Inverse hockey stick in the lower troposphere – real or not?

Bishop Hill via correspondent Gras Albert noted this event early today: I looked through the entire satellite record, and couldn’t find any similar event. That meant it was either unique, or indicative of a technology failure like we witnessed with … Continue reading

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ENVISAT declared dead in space

ESA declares end of mission for Envisat From the European Space Agency: PR 15 2012 – Just weeks after celebrating its tenth year in orbit, communication with the Envisat satellite was suddenly lost on 8 April. Following rigorous attempts to … Continue reading

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NASA checking TERRA/AQUA satellite observations against citizen observer ground reports

S.D. Maley writes of an interesting and somewhat surprising NASA program trying to fill in observation gaps where satellites are getting cloud cover wrong: NASA is in the process [1] of checking two satellites [2] against ground observer reports. Student … Continue reading

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Why the UAH global temperature is late

November Global Temperature Update Delayed By Dr. Roy Spencer There has been a delay in our monthly processing of global temperature data from AMSU. An undersea telecommunications cable used to transmit about half of the huge volume of data coming … Continue reading

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NASA’S Glory Satellite Fails To Reach Orbit

NASA reports that Glory, a satellite to monitor aerosols failed to reach orbit, apparently from a fairing that didn’t release. See update below on the massive budget overruns for this failed project. NASA’s announcement: NASA’s Glory spacecraft launched aboard a … Continue reading

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“Zombie” satellite shuts down critical NOAA NWS systems overnight

I’m a bit of a zombie myself as I write this, as I was up until 4:30AM PST dealing with this problem which turned out to affect National Weather Service offices nationwide in addition to my business, which uses the … Continue reading

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Watching Noel

There is a lot of intense interest out there in watching TS Noel to see if this disorganized system turns into a Hurricane when it hits the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream. Click on the image for an animated … Continue reading

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