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Lindzen at Sandia National Labs: ‘climate models are flawed’

This press release was provided by Sandia National Labs: In an effort to shed light on the wide spectrum of thought regarding the causes and extent of changes in Earth’s climate, Sandia National Laboratories has invited experts from a wide … Continue reading

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The “cool” particle

Two press release on this this week, both below From the University of Manchester Researchers discover particle which could ‘cool the planet’ In a breakthrough paper published in Science, researchers from The University of Manchester, The University of Bristol and … Continue reading

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Largest nuclear bomb dismantled to date in the US arsenal, the B53

According to Wikipedia, this warhead (9.1 megatons) was apparently never tested, although an experimental TX-46 predecessor design was detonated 28 June 1958 as Hardtack Oak, which detonated at a yield of 8.9 Megatons. From The National Nuclear Security Administration WASHINGTON, … Continue reading

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