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At AGU, NASA says CFC reduction is not shrinking the ozone hole – yet

NASA Reveals New Results From Inside the Ozone Hole  – Dec. 11, 2013 NASA scientists have revealed the inner workings of the ozone hole that forms annually over Antarctica and found that declining chlorine in the stratosphere has not yet … Continue reading

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Seen at AGU 2013

From Gavin, who was being a bit cheeky. Or perhaps given the location, had passed a tippling point.

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Coldest ever temperature recorded on Earth found in Antarctica

Press Release: Landsat 8 helps unveil the coldest place on Earth SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Scientists recently recorded the lowest temperatures on Earth at a desolate and remote ice plateau in East Antarctica, trumping a record set in 1983 and uncovering a … Continue reading

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A few first impressions of the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting

A photo essay. What follows are a series of photos and comments that catalog my impressions of today. As you may know, I’m attending the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. After some hassle a couple of months ago, I was able … Continue reading

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Would you, could you, shoot a goat in the Name of Climate Change?

By Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times. O’Hare airport will finally get its goats. The Department of Aviation of the City of Chicago has awarded a contract to a private firm to provide 25 goats to munch vegetation … Continue reading

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Shades of Zwally – Vision Prize calls for ‘ice free Arctic’ predictions – cast your vote

People send me stuff. Today, just over two months away from the end of summer, when NASA’s Jay Zwally famously predicted (with an assist from AP’s Seth Borenstein): “…the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer … Continue reading

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Weather Channel absorbs Weather Underground, on-air temperatures expected to rise

The Weather Channel Companies Acquire Weather Underground ATLANTA & SAN FRANCISCO, Jul 02, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The Weather Channel Companies (TWCC) today announced an agreement to acquire Weather Underground, a leading provider of Web based weather data. The transaction, … Continue reading

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The National Academy of Sciences Loses The Plot

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A man who has a daughter is a pretty pathetic specimen, ruled by the vicissitudes of hormones and hairspray. So when my daughter told me this morning “Hey, Dad, I put the newspaper on your … Continue reading

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Memorial Day tribute – USS Iowa final voyage this weekend

On this memorial day, I thought it might be appropriate to share this image and story. The USS Iowa made its final voyage from Richmond, CA to San Pedro CA on Saturday, May 26th, sliding under the Golden Gate Bridge … Continue reading

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Unsustainable: CSUC Campus cops ditching Diggler electric scooters

From the Chico Enterprise Record This is another one of those “brilliant” sustainable ideas by the sustainability cabal at Chico State University (inspired by Dr. Mark Stemen) gone horribly wrong. Looking at the photo, you just have to laugh. Cops … Continue reading

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IPCC declares itself exempt from FOIA laws

From Bishop Hill, such a short story that it is difficult to excerpt, and given the importance, and the continuation reference to the story I broke on WUWT, I don’t think he’ll mind if I repost in entirety. He writes: … Continue reading

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Why the UAH global temperature is late

November Global Temperature Update Delayed By Dr. Roy Spencer There has been a delay in our monthly processing of global temperature data from AMSU. An undersea telecommunications cable used to transmit about half of the huge volume of data coming … Continue reading

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Waterspout in San Francisco

Soon to be linked to “global warming” by some MSM type no doubt. Watch the video:

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Snow in Saratoga

“A veritable dusting” as Time says of Friday’s snow in San Francisco (“the first snow in 35 years“), but that was at 900 feet (in the Twin Peaks neighborhood). Here’s a picture I just got from some friends on the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny Double Feature

Today we have excellent joviality from Josh, plus some commercial video commentary on those poor souls in San Francisco that are about to deal with their first significant snow in quite a long time, which some will undoubtedly view as … Continue reading

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Low snow in SFO – to be or not to be?

Is Al Gore at his Fisherman’s Wharf Condo? Our own Charles The Moderator sent me a query today, along with a link to this SFO Chron article about the possibility of snow down to sea level. It’s possible, and has … Continue reading

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