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Another Conservation Success Story Hijacked by Climate Alarmists

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism Recently advocates of CO2 catastrophic climate change have been trumpeting a new paper … Continue reading

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Fabricating Climate Doom – Part 1: Parmesan’s Butterfly Effect

Addendum by Anthony: This graph is an eyebrow raiser. The infrastructure at Yosemite has increased to handle increased tourism, and the weather station records this by a reversal of the Tmin and Tmax relationship. In this case, the heat sinks … Continue reading

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Heat Waves Validate the Skeptics

Essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus, Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University The heat wave and near record-breaking temperatures in Death Valley provides a superb teaching moment to show why CO2 has nothing to do with heat waves … Continue reading

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Looks like “global warming” is off the hook for honeybee deaths

Back in 2007, Wired Magazine mused: It’s only slightly less ridiculous than the other bee killing theory that year – cell phones. I published a story about the loony idea that was proposed by some researcher in Europe about “cell … Continue reading

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The incredible story of bigger shrinking birds, courtesy of global climate change

Two years ago, it was “Study says global warming shrinks birds” now thanks to impressive further study, they’ve discovered it’s “Bigger birds in central California, courtesy of global climate change.“ Can’t they get their story straight? Why don’t they ask … Continue reading

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The heartbreak of Emiliania huxleyi 

From San Francisco State University  another indication that nature is such a poor engineer that phytoplankton can’t adapt to a small change in ocean pH. But then again it is a closed lab experiment, not the ocean, and there’s those … Continue reading

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Caltrans abandons weather, embraces “climate change” as the reason for washed out roads

I just finished reading: Turning a More Vivid Shade of Green: Caltrans Takes a Stand on Climate Change, Global Warming from the Caltrans website. The road sign below (from this online sign generator) rather sums up what the essay says … Continue reading

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