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Dust’s excellent global adventure ends in California’s Sierra Nevada

From the Scripps Institute: Saharan and Asian Dust, Biological Particles End Global Journey in California UCSD, NOAA study is the first to show that dust and other aerosols from one side of the world influence rainfall in another Scripps Institution … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – a glass half hot or half cold?

Gordon Fulks writes in about this humorous headline showing how the media catastrophises even simple things like a pleasant weekend forecast: Hello Everyone: Just to provide a little balance to the story about snow and cold in the Pacific Northwest … Continue reading

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Climate change blamed for dead trees in Africa

“Rainfall in the Sahel has dropped 20-30 percent in the 20th century, the world’s most severe long-term drought since measurements from rainfall gauges began in the mid-1800s,” said study lead author Patrick Gonzalez, who conducted the study while he was … Continue reading

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“Sahara Solar Breeders” don’t sand a chance

Or, “how to make pie in the sky using our simple recipe”. From the New Scientist, making solar power is just as easy as building a few factories in the middle of the Sahara Desert and then making solar cells … Continue reading

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