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History falsifies climate alarmist sea level claims

Seas have been rising and falling for thousands of years – without help from the EPA or IPCC Guest essay by Robert W. Endlich Sea levels are rising rapidly! Coastal communities are becoming more vulnerable to storms and storm surges! … Continue reading

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Want to make a paper more alarming and appealing to coverage? Blame the Romans for climate change

By comparing today’s Nature paper to earlier versions I found just a few months old, it looks like some blame revisionism occurred after early discussions of this paper at NOAA in May 2012. Over at Australian Climate Madness, Simon points … Continue reading

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Another “mankind as evil carbonator, even way back then” study

Last week we were treated to the ridiculous story about Genghis Khan having an impact (or apparently not enough) with his impact on humanity. This week, a “new interpretation”;  it’s the Romans and Christopher Columbus who are the ghosts of … Continue reading

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