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The Gore Effect kicks in, plus ça change …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach … plus ça same old stuff. Thank goodness somethings never change. For example, the “Gore Effect”, which says that wherever His Nobelity Albert Gore III might hold a Climastravaganza to remind the world of the … Continue reading

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Sir Richard Branson goes full on stupid in Antarctica

The stupid, it burns. OTOH, he’s with Gore and Hansen and there’s press with him, so maybe he’s just being sociable . Get a load of this from Richard Branson’s blog, CO2 can apparently contradict solar forcing due to the … Continue reading

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Gore, Hansen, Trenberth to make Antarctic PR expedition

From the you’ve got to be effin kidding me department comes news of the epic journey to Antarctica. What do they hope to prove? I don’t know, it seems like nothing but a publicity stunt, especially since the sea ice … Continue reading

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Great Circle Route over the pole cleared for Branson’s Virgin Air

This will shave six hours off a flight from London to Fiji, which had to either stop in Los Angeles or Seoul en-route. There’s a good side and a bad side to this. The good side: Thousands, perhaps hundreds of … Continue reading

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