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The Vast Majority of Raw Data From Old Scientific Studies May Now Be Missing

From the people that know how to save and care for things of importance, comes this essay from The Smithsonian: One of the foundations of the scientific method is the reproducibility of results. In a lab anywhere around the world, a … Continue reading

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Nature endorses open source software in journal submissions

Ron Dean writes in Tips and Notes: Interesting article about Nature editorial endorsing open source software for journal submissions. No mention of climate models, but it certainly seems to play in their insistence for reproducibility . The money quote: “Reproducibility … Continue reading

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“It’s as if our facts were losing their truth”

Below is an excerpt from an excellent article in The New Yorker which describes a recognition of curious phenomenon spanning many different fields of science: Different scientists in different labs need to repeat the protocols and publish their results. The … Continue reading

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