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Six Easy Steps for Saving the Coral Reefs for our Grandchildren

Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones The 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) was held in Cairns, Queensland, Australia last July.  Not a bad venue for embracing subject field trips and the exotic and spectacular hinterland attractions.  Yet they had time to reach a grand … Continue reading

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Eco-rout down under: ‘A mini-van will have more seats than the Labour party in the new parliament.’

Australians come to their senses – March 24th will be remembered as the day they collectively said “we’re tired of this sh**” Commenter “truthseeker” writes in comments: ============================================================ Anthony, You may want to refer to Jo Nova’s latest post about … Continue reading

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Australian hybrid fish story – Media jumps the shark

Pretty much everyone who has seen this today shakes their head and wonders. I’m wondering too. First, the story which is being serially regurgitated without any thought in media outlets world wide: Please  read this excepted text from the story … Continue reading

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Hail and waterspouts in Australian coastal cities

Details and video here. Hail that covered the ground like snow along the Gold Coast, photo below:

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Model trumps observation – dam operator caught in fabrication

From Operator of dam ‘invented’ rain data Hedley Thomas, National chief correspondent March 26, 2011 12:00AM EXTREME rainfall so rare it happens on average once every 2000 years has been “invented” by the government operator of a major Queensland dam … Continue reading

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The approach of Cyclone Yasi as told by the data

In our previous post, we highlighted the BoM weather station on Willis Island, and wondered what would happen to it and to the staff who worked there. Fortunately the staff has been evacuated prior to Yasi hitting the island. They … Continue reading

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Australia braces for Cyclone Yasi as it hits Category 5

UPDATE: Live The last radar image from Willis Island added below. The last radar image is truly striking. Also, see below for the differences between the Australia hurricane scale and the familiar Saffir-Simpson scale used in the USA. They are … Continue reading

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Snowzilla and the Yeti Yasi

We have Snowzilla in the USA… …and Yasi in Oz. Crikey! Look at the size of this thing a day ago: Jo Nova has a size comparison for the present. To give you some idea of just how expansive Yasi … Continue reading

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Queensland bracing for monster tropical cyclone Yasi

Flood ravaged Queensland is preparing for a monstrous South Pacific Ocean Tropical Cyclone Yasi.  Forecast to reach Category 4+ strength on the familiar Saffir-Simpson scale, there really is nothing inhibiting this storm from explosively intensifying and reaching 135 knots+ in … Continue reading

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Bogus claims on Australian and Brazilian floods from ABC and Dr. Richard Sommerville

This ridiculous video story below from ABC news cites über alarmist Richard Somerville of Scripps in San Diego, and is backed up with this print story. Here’s what the print story headline said: Raging Waters In Australia and Brazil Product … Continue reading

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Australia’s tragic flooding – 30 feared dead

UPDATES ADDED: See updates below the read more line My heart goes out to Australia. The ugly side of this is that a portion of the tragedy may have been prevented with a dam to control floodwaters. But as James … Continue reading

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