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Public Relations (Spin Doctors) Deliberately Deceived Public About Global Warming and Climate Change

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball “Half the work done in the world is to make things appear what they are not.” E.R. Beadle. In a 2003 speech Michael Crichton, graduate of Harvard Medical School and author of State of … Continue reading

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Eurekalert’s lack of press release standards – a systemic problem with science and the media

I noted a link to WUWT in this NYT essay by Andrew Revkin titled: When Publicity Precedes Peer Review in Climate Science (Part One). I liked Andy’s bit of artwork to go with it, seen at right below. I was … Continue reading

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Notes From Skull Island – why climate skeptics aren’t ‘well funded and well organized’

If our side were well funded and well organized, as warmists charge, it would have the following 22 characteristics–which it doesn’t. Guest post by Roger Knights Along with falsely claiming to be a Nobel Prize Recipient, climate “hockey stick’ promoter … Continue reading

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Chris Mooney doesn’t understand the Internet, and neither do some researchers

I had to laugh. Over at Discover Magazine Intersection Blog, Chris Mooney is defending the paper I critiqued a couple of days ago as if it contains some actual solid science. He’s griping that I didn’t read the full paper … Continue reading

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