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The Stokes-Kaufman contamination protocol – a ‘sticky’ wicket

Over at Climate Audit, Steve McIntyre has found yet another unexplainable inclusion of a hockey stick shaped proxy in the PAGES2K paper. What is most interesting about it is that when you look at the proxy plot panel, it reminds … Continue reading

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Marcott – 3 spikes and you are out

Guest post by Nancy Green Tamino claims he has added 3 spikes to the Marcott et al proxy data and the Marcott et al process detects them. Source: http://tamino.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/many_vs_unpert.jpg This, he then proposes, is proof that there are no 20th … Continue reading

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Proxy spikes: The missed message in Marcott et al

Story submitted by WUWT reader Nancy Green There is a message in Marcott that I think many have missed. Marcott tells us almost nothing about how the past compares with today, because of the resolution problem. Marcott recognizes this in … Continue reading

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Where’s the hockey stick? The ‘Marcott 9′ show no warming past 1950

More on the Marcott et al “hockey stick”. All of the ‘Marcott 9′ had altered dates. Guest post by John Kehr While it took me a while to get the time together to write an article about the Marcott paper, … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – Watch the genesis (and retraction) of a smear

This is hilarious, I finally got a retraction out of Dr. Michael Mann. The AGW proponents must be reeling from McIntyre’s takedown of Marcott et al, because I watched the most hilarious smear genesis unfold this morning a few minutes … Continue reading

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It has come down to this – climate science has become a stick fight

I have to chuckle at the battle going on with stick graphs this weekend. Choose your weapon, flat or vertical blade, real data, or proxy data with an arbitrary extension added by the special effects department. First, Christoper Booker’s flat … Continue reading

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New paper confirms the climate was warmer 1000 years ago

Mike Mann will have a twitfest on Twitter trying to knock this one down. Data from 91 Northern Hemisphere proxies was used to reconstruct temperature. See reconstruction graph (figure 5) below. Via The GWPF: A new paper, looking back at … Continue reading

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Lucia takes on the Gergis et al hockey stick screening fallacy

This is an excerpt of a larger post that deserves the wider attention WUWT can bring to it. The image at left is from my article: A look at treemometers and tree ring growth – Anthony Screening: Now with good+bad treenometers. … Continue reading

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The Neo Paleo Twitter war of Mann -vs- D’Arrigo

It seems that Columbia’s Rosanne D’Arrigo thinks Mann’s tree ring study isn’t representative proxies for volcanic eruptions, nor good for dendrochronology, though Mike Mann seems to think so. This Twitter interchange via Alexandra Witze from the AGU Chapman Conference on … Continue reading

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American Meteorological Society disappears withdraws Gergis et al paper on proxy temperature reconstruction after post peer review finds fatal flaws

UPDATE: It appears the paper has been withdrawn and credit acknowledgement given to Steve McIntyre, see below: There was yet another recent “hockey stick” being foisted on the public. Gergis et al. It says: The average reconstructed temperature anomaly in … Continue reading

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Proxy Science and Proxy Pseudo-Science

Guest post by Pat Frank It’s become very clear that most published proxy thermometry since 1998 [1] is not at all science, and most thoroughly so because Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick revealed its foundation in ad hoc statistical numerology. … Continue reading

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