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Shock news: mammals adapt to changing climate

From Brown University it seems we need a new variation on the popular bumper sticker: Over 65 million years North American mammal evolution has tracked with climate change Rise and fall of groups of fauna driven by temperature PROVIDENCE, R.I. … Continue reading

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Rahmstorf’s new heat wave cherry twisty

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. says exactly what I thought: this new paper from Rahmstorf is untrustworthy. He writes: Here is another good example why I have come to view parts of the climate science research enterprise with a considerable degree … Continue reading

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Mars had temperatures as high as 64°F in the past

Wet and Mild: Caltech Researchers Take the Temperature of Mars’s Past The meteorite called ALH84001 is sliced to show its interior. Found in the Allan Hills ice field in Antarctica in 1984, the four-billion-year-old rock is one of the oldest … Continue reading

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Uranium munching microbes

From Michigan State University Microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste EAST LANSING, Mich. — Researchers at Michigan State University have unraveled the mystery of how microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste and other toxic metals. Details … Continue reading

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Pat Michaels on aerosols, China coal, and lack of recent warming

The Current Wisdom: The Lack of Recent Warming and the State of Peer Review by Patrick J. Michaels Boston University’s Robert Kaufmann and colleagues recently published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examining the causes … Continue reading

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Aerosol sat observations and climate models differ “by a factor of three to six”

From the University of Michigan something I think Dr. Roy Spencer will be interested in as it is yet another case where models and satellite observations differ significantly. See the figure S1 at the end of this article – Anthony … Continue reading

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Prey and predator model of clouds

From the Weizmann Institute of Science – Eat, Prey, Rain Photo: Tamar Deutsch What do a herd of gazelles and a fluffy mass of clouds have in common? A mathematical formula that describes the population dynamics of such prey animals … Continue reading

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The BBC’s Richard Black Engages in “Goldilocks-Picking”

Guest post by David Middleton From the BBC… Climate: Cherries are not the only fruit Just about the most predictable event of the week was the tempest of opinion created by the analysis of global temperature changes published in the … Continue reading

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Paleopollen in Antarctica

Fossilized pollen reveals climate history of northern Antarctica Analysis of direct climate record shows Antarctic tundra persisted until 12 million years ago HOUSTON — (June 27, 2011) — A painstaking examination of the first direct and detailed climate record from … Continue reading

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Mann’s inverted Tiljander data survives another round of peer review

* Steve McIntyre reports (via commenter AMac) that Mann’s inverted Tiljander sediment data lives on in Kemp et al 2011 like some zombie that will not die.  I feel for graduate student Kemp, who will forever have the stink of … Continue reading

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Mike Mann’s new sea level hockey stick

Tomorrow at 15:00 EST an embargo will be lifted for a new paper to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. I have a copy, given to me by a media colleague and I intend to … Continue reading

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Ultimate bug repellant may help fight malaria and other insect borne diseases

From Vanderbilt University, scientific serendipity swats smell: New insect repellant may be thousands of times stronger than DEET by David Salisbury Imagine an insect repellant that not only is thousands of times more effective than DEET – the active ingredient … Continue reading

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Negative water vapor feedback in plant evapotranspiration found

Rising CO2 is causing plants to release less water to the atmosphere, researchers say BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — As carbon dioxide levels have risen during the last 150 years, the density of pores that allow plants to breathe has dwindled by … Continue reading

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Dueling press releases – which is it: dead or weakened?

It’s AGU week in San Francisco, of course that means the annual barrage of science by press release. I was struck by this juxtaposition of two press releases at Eurekalert this morning. Note the headlines of the screencap below: Here … Continue reading

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