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About that ‘warmer temperatures increase violence’ claim…real world crime data doesn’t support it

Readers surely recall the wild claim yesterday made by researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Berkeley who reported in the journal Science that even slight spikes in temperature and precipitation have greatly increased the risk of personal violence … Continue reading

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Claim: 2°C temperature increase will make people angry

From Princeton University (with help from Berkeley) Cool heads likely won’t prevail in a hotter, wetter world Should climate change trigger the upsurge in heat and rainfall that scientists predict, people may face a threat just as perilous and volatile … Continue reading

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Uncertainty be damned, let’s make ice and sea level projections anyway

‘A better path’ toward projecting, planning for rising seas on a warmer Earth From Princeton University, by Morgan Kelly, Office of Communications More useful projections of sea level are possible despite substantial uncertainty about the future behavior of massive ice … Continue reading

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More on noisy Greenland ice loss data from GRACE

Embracing data ‘noise’ brings Greenland’s complex ice melt into focus by Morgan Kelly, Office of Communications, Princeton Universtity An enhanced approach to capturing changes on the Earth’s surface via satellite could provide a more accurate account of how ice sheets, … Continue reading

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Another Michael Oppenheimer FAIL – 2010 claim on Mexican ‘climate refugees’ evaporates once his paper is corrected.

WUWT readers may recall a recent essay titled ‘What global warming really looks like’ – Michael Oppenheimer FAIL where I pointed out the desperate and ridiculous claims by Michael Oppenheimer to try to link the recent Colorado forest fires to … Continue reading

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Weak solar convection – approximately 100 times slower than scientists had previously projected

From New York University:  Researchers create ‘MRI’ of the sun’s interior motions A team of scientists has created an “MRI” of the Sun’s interior plasma motions, shedding light on how it transfers heat from its deep interior to its surface. … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Models say that climate change, ENSO, and beach sand heat will kill sea turtles

From the busy BEES at Drexel University, worry that beach sand temperature 40 to 50 centimeters deep will be affected by the global warming air temperature rise of 0.8C over the last century, projected to increase. The models identified this … Continue reading

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The IPCC can’t learn from past mistakes – wants more grey literature

You’d think that after the drubbing they got last time around from the InterAcademy council for citing mentions of climate effects in travel brochures, climbing magazines, and the Himalayan glacier’s melting by 2035 fiasco, and other blunders, they’d want less … Continue reading

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Finally somebody comes right out and says it: climate + world governance is a match made in green heaven

To be effective, a new set of institutions would have to be imbued with heavy-handed, transnational enforcement powers. Skeptics get scoffed at when we say the burdensome regulations that have been and have been sought to be imposed by the … Continue reading

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Erratic, extreme, press release puts Princeton climate science in a new light

Must be Durban season. From Princeton University here’s a highly charged press release lapped up by some MSM professional worriers today that uses words like “erratic and extreme” to describe that it’s getting rainier in some places, a whole third … Continue reading

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Craven Attention: The Sequel

by Steven Mosher In the last episode of  “Craven Attention” I recounted some of the things Greg Craven said during a panel discussion after Oppenheimer’s lecture of the role of scientists. [GC33D The 2010 Stephen Schneider Global Environmental Change Lecture … Continue reading

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