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The “ensemble” of models is completely meaningless, statistically

This  comment from rgbatduke, who is Robert G. Brown at the Duke University Physics Department on the No significant warming for 17 years 4 months thread. It has gained quite a bit of attention because it speaks clearly to truth. So that … Continue reading

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Self admitted cyber thief Peter Gleick is still on the IOP board that approved the Cook 97% consensus paper

Tonight, I’m surprised to find that Gleick, who stole documents under a false identity, and then likely forged a fake memo sent to MSM outlets is apparently still on the editorial review board of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Environmental … Continue reading

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Weak solar convection – approximately 100 times slower than scientists had previously projected

From New York University:  Researchers create ‘MRI’ of the sun’s interior motions A team of scientists has created an “MRI” of the Sun’s interior plasma motions, shedding light on how it transfers heat from its deep interior to its surface. … Continue reading

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Refutation of Stable Thermal Equilibrium Lapse Rates

Guest post by Robert G. Brown Duke University Physics Department The Problem In 2003 a paper was published in Energy & Environment by Hans Jelbring that asserted that a gravitationally bound, adiabatically isolated shell of ideal gas would exhibit a … Continue reading

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No new strange attractors: strong evidence against both positive feedback and catastrophe

This is a comment by Dr. Robert Brown on the What we don’t know about Earth’s energy flow post. I thought it was so insightful on the topic of climate stability being “pushed” by CO2 forcing that I’ve elevated it to … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Thought Experiment

UPDATE: Jeff provides his answer below Guest post by Jeff Condon (reposted by request from The Air vent) Derek has been in a war with ScienceofDoom over the what appears to be Planck radiation. I’m actually not sure of his … Continue reading

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