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AmericanThinker: ‘PBS NewsHour paints itself into a corner on AGW’ – 350:4 ratio of AGW’ers-to-skeptics

American Thinker has a piece today, on how a recent preposterous global warming report on the PBS NewsHour hints they’re overplaying their biased coverage of the issue. The addition of it to the tally of NewsHour discussion segments absent of … Continue reading

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Frontline responds to complaints about Oct 23 “Climate of Doubt”: Here, the Rebuttal to Frontline that PBS Ombudsman Won’t Put Online

Note: I’m late getting this up, mainly due to most of Russel Cook’s emails at attachments going into the spam bin, then there was the last week when I just didn’t have any time beyond getting WUWT-TV on the air. … Continue reading

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Skeptical Science conspiracy theorist John Cook runs another survey trying to prove that false “97% of climate scientists believe in global warming” meme

People send me stuff. Even though I’m supposed to be on break, I thought this worth a few minutes to post up. I have redacted the recipient address as well as the exact time stamp, and the suffix code in … Continue reading

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Bizarre reactions to my PBS interview continue – PBS Ombudsman to publish criticism of my inclusion into PBS Newshour

UPDATE: 1:50PM – The PBS News Hour Ombudsman has posted his essay, you can read it here. ============================================================= For the record, just now, I’ve called PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler to give him an opportunity to ask me questions before he … Continue reading

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Steven Schneider’s 1992 argument against balance in science reporting

Roger Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke” has an old story worth re-telling today in the “false balance” arguments being made about my appearance on PBS. Its’ all part of a strategy. He writes: Nice old cutting this, from the ‘Boston Sunday Globe’ … Continue reading

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PBS backtracks due to viewer pressure

This just appeared on the PBS Blog, apparently the mere presence of my interview was enough to push NOAA into responding. It seems they are in full damage control mode. CLIMATE — September 18, 2012 at 6:08 PM EDT Climate … Continue reading

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230 comments later, PBS still can’t bring themselves to approve my comment and fix a transcription error

The amount of hate directed at me today due to my appearance on PBS yesterday has been, in climate parlance, “unprecedented”. Most of the objections were not with what I said, but rather that I was allowed to speak at … Continue reading

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My interview with PBS Newshour, now online

Here’s the story/transcript from Spencer Michels, along with video that follows. I have not seen the piece that will be airing nationally yet, and I don’t know how much of me they use, but this just appeared on the PBS … Continue reading

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I’ll be on the PBS Newshour tonight

I just got word from the producer, that I will be on the PBS Newshour tonight. This is a long segment on climate change that will include several notable people from the climate debate, including Dr. Richard Muller among others. … Continue reading

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