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Claim: CO2 ended the last ice age

From Oregon State University Study explains early warming of West Antarctica at end of last ice age CORVALLIS, Ore. – West Antarctica began emerging from the last ice age about 22,000 years ago – well before other regions of Antarctica … Continue reading

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Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don’t

Yes, the headline is purposely that way. From Oregon State University: Dam construction to reduce greenhouse gases causes ecosystem disruption CORVALLIS, Ore. – Researchers conclude in a new report that a global push for small hydropower projects, supported by various … Continue reading

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Cirrus Cloud seeds identified – will help in climate knowledge

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , a fairly important discovery, one that will help us understand the role clouds play in the Earth’s energy balance. The fact that mineral dust and metallic aerosols are identified would suggest that as … Continue reading

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The war on bugs affects the oceans and CO2 exchange

From Oregon State University A war without end — with Earth’s carbon cycle held in the balance CORVALLIS, Ore. – The greatest battle in Earth’s history has been going on for hundreds of millions of years, isn’t over yet, and … Continue reading

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After pointing out an airplane got stuck in heat softened asphalt, Al Gore misses the fact that many of the surface temperatures used in climate come from airports

From Al’s Journal, some seriously dysfunctional thinking using props he doesn’t understand. Al brings attention to the fact that at Washington Reagan National Airport some tarmac asphalt got soft on a hot day, and the tires sunk into it a … Continue reading

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Viruses linked to coral bleaching

I found this interesting: “If viruses are causing disease or bleaching of colonies, it’s also unknown whether this is happening now more than in the past.” Sort of like ocean acidification, they don’t have any long term data. UPDATE: Commenter … Continue reading

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Fired OSU instructor challenges job loss

You may recall WUWT’s coverage of Nick Drapela, a climate skeptic who was fired from his teaching job at Oregon State University. My friend and fellow climate skeptic, nationally syndicated radio host Lars Larson tips me about this story: Chemistry … Continue reading

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Another skeptical university professor fired – related to CARB’s PM2.5 air pollution regulation scandal

There’s more ugliness like what went on recently with Oregon State University. This professor exposed corruption within the California University system that had ties to the California Air Resources Board’s botched PM2.5 rules. As we’ve seen recently, this PM2.5 regulatory … Continue reading

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Climate skeptic instructor fired from Oregon State University

Gordon Fulks sends this summary of the situation and asks that it be distributed. I’m happy to oblige. For some background on Dr. Drapela’s skeptical views, this slideshow “Global Warming Cracked Open” might give some insight into OSU’s booting him … Continue reading

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More uncertainty about warming – Study: Impact of warming climate doesn’t always translate to streamflow

From an OSU press release: CORVALLIS, Ore. – An analysis of 35 headwater basins in the United States and Canada found that the impact of warmer air temperatures on streamflow rates was less than expected in many locations, suggesting that … Continue reading

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A reply to Shakun et al – Dr. Munchausen Explains Science By Proxy

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a new study entitled “Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation”, Shakun et al. (paywalled, hereinafter Shakun2012). The paper claims to show that in the warming since the last … Continue reading

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Oregon State Climatologist to be on heated panel April 10th

WUWT readers may remember the fiasco from the Oregon State Museum of Science and Industry where they invited, then dis-invited the AMS Oregon Chapter to have a panel because they didn’t consider it “balanced” enough. Translation: “we don’t want any … Continue reading

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New study in Science shows climate sensitivity overestimated

From Oregon State University  some news the team and especially Kevin Trenberth just really don’t want to hear. I covered this on a tip from Dr. Pat Michaels back on Nov 9th titled: Climate sensitivity- lowering the IPCC “fat tail” and … Continue reading

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Oyster crisis: Yale 360 eco-activist author Elizabeth Grossman wrong again about ocean acidification

I remember during my tour of Australia last year, when our talk was rudely interrupted by the king of reef madness, Ove Hugh-Guldberg, my co-presenter David Archibald quipped from the dais, paraphrasing Samuel Johnson, that “ocean acidification is the last … Continue reading

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Oh the irony! Pine Beetle outbreaks help cool the planet

From Oregon State University College of Forestry some news that some people who want to blame pine beetle outbreaks on global warming won’t like.  It seems there is a benefit. “Albedo effect” in forests can cause added warming, bonus cooling … Continue reading

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Back to the “drawing board” on glacial period carbon sinks

From Oregon State University News, more news of unsettled science. Nature study: Rising CO2 levels at end of Ice Age not tied to Pacific Ocean CORVALLIS, Ore. – At the end of the last Ice Age, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels … Continue reading

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The tides, they are a changin!

From Oregon State University: Ancient tides different from today – some dramatically higher CORVALLIS, Ore. – The ebb and flow of the ocean tides, generally thought to be one of the most predictable forces on Earth, are actually quite variable … Continue reading

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Law of unintended carbon consequences

From Oregon State University Northwest Forest Plan has unintended benefit – carbon sequestration CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Northwest Forest Plan enacted in 1993 was designed to conserve old-growth forests and protect species such as the northern spotted owl, but researchers … Continue reading

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More climate model fail: soil carbon not handled well

From Oregon State University: Climate projections don’t accurately reflect soil carbon release 6-2-11 CORVALLIS, Ore. – A new study concludes that models may be predicting releases of atmospheric carbon dioxide that are either too high or too low, depending on … Continue reading

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Amphibian decline – climate change not the single culprit

Like the recent smackdown of the “plankton are declining” nonsense, compare the new paper from OSU below to this reporting from 2008: From Oregon State University: Catastrophic amphibian declines have multiple causes, no simple solution CORVALLIS, Ore. – Amphibian declines … Continue reading

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Climate ugliness gets personal

From World Net Daily(not the tabloid site World News Daily), with h/t to Green Hell Blog, something that if proven is quite disturbing. Yet given the kind of treatment I’ve recently received at the hands of an eco-zealot who can’t … Continue reading

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Pining away about bugs and global warming

Cause and effect, or correlation not causation? Press release Via Eurekalert: Climate change causing demise of lodgepole pine in western North America CORVALLIS, Ore. – Lodgepole pine, a hardy tree species that can thrive in cold temperatures and plays a … Continue reading

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Garbage: Another environmental claim proven to be hyped

From Oregon State University: Oceanic “garbage patch” not nearly as big as portrayed in media CORVALLIS, Ore. – There is a lot of plastic trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, but claims that the “Great Garbage Patch” between California and … Continue reading

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