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Climate Changers Endorse Nuclear Power – Why Now?

Guest essay by Joseph Somsel Go back and re-watch Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth from 2006 and you’ll find that he never once voices the word “nuclear” although there is a long visual scene of a nuclear warhead exploding and the … Continue reading

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In a new study, James Hansen pushes nuclear power as saving more lives than it has harmed

This is sure to get some enviros in a tizzy. From Chemical and Engineering News of the American Chemical Society: Nuclear Power Prevents More Deaths Than It Causes Climate Change: Study estimates that nuclear energy leads to substantially fewer pollution-related … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader: Dems running away from Global Warming debate

This video from C-Span of Ralph Nader is a surprising admission that really says it all. No matter how much whining and wailing there is about my appearance on PBS, there was one statement in that story that rings especially … Continue reading

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Newsbytes – the ungreening of Germany

Germany Building 17 New Coal, 29 New Gas-Fired Power Stations From Dr. Benny Peiser at The GWPF German utilities and private investors have plans to construct or modernise some 84 power stations, energy and water industry association BDEW said on … Continue reading

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An about face by China on solar power

From John Droz’s newsletter with a hat-tip to Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. for bringing it to my attention and via the “I can hear Joe Romm’s head exploding” department and Electric Light and Power comes this story: CHINA TO DROP … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Doomsday clock 1 minute closer to midnight thanks to global warming, other concerns

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, where worry about climate change gets equal time alongside their original mission; nuclear holocaust, apparently they haven’t noticed that the Fukashima incident is over and no lives were lost and that there been … Continue reading

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There’s a reason the modern age moved on from windmills

In the UK, the CIVITAS group has just released an economic analysis of wind power. The scathing report confirms what we have been reporting for years here on WUWT: wind power is expensive, inefficient, does little or nothing to offset … Continue reading

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists issues 2011 FUD report

Via SAGE Publications The nuclear, biological and climate threat – 2011 reviewed In this special issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published by SAGE, experts reflect on 2011 and highlight what to look out for in 2012 in … Continue reading

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Windsplode in Scotland – plus some turbines can’t handle 50mph

I wonder what the incident frequency is for wind turbine fires versus say coal, hydro, or nuclear plants? From STV Scotland:

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Andrea Rossi and the magic coffee pot reactor

I allowed Ric Werme to post a couple of entries on the E-Cat “power reactor” by Andrea Rossi in the past, mainly to spur debate on whether this idea had any merit at all. I shut down comments on the … Continue reading

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Wow, Lynas tells it like it is.

This is in the UK Daily mail today, and it’s like sacrilege to the greens to have one of ther own say this:

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Rutgers on Coal vs. Nuclear

From Rutgers University press room: The Energy Debate: Coal vs. Nuclear Rutgers researcher finds factors other than global warming and potential for plant accidents figure into Americans’ preferences As America struggles down the road toward a coherent energy policy that … Continue reading

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Anti-Nuclear Power Hysteria and its Significant Contribution to Global Warming

Guest post by Michael Dickey (cross posted from his website matus1976.com) The decline of nuclear power has had a significant effect on global carbon emissions and subsequently any anthropogenic global warming effect. To see the extent of this influence, let … Continue reading

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The negligent promotion of nuclear panic

It pains me to see large parts of the media still hyperventilating over the very modest amounts of radioactive material coming from the Fukushima Daiichi plant on the east coast of Japan. Nothing has been made more plain that most … Continue reading

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A plea for a return to science on the nuclear power issue

I get mail: German physicist Peter Heller wrote a passionate plea for a return to science on the nuclear power issue, published in German here: http://www.science-skeptical.de/blog/fukushima/004149/ With Dr. Heller’s permission, I’ve translated it in English. But having gone over the … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – note to the media, this 23 year old English teacher from Japan gets it, so stop the hype

From my town newspaper, in the story covering a young English teacher who was just now able to return home after being in Japan during the earthquake. She gets it, why can’t the media?

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Good news from Japan: Situation ‘fairly stable’, says IAEA

IAEA= International Atomic Energy Agency – update here Story below from the Register: The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant in Japan, badly damaged during the extremely severe earthquake and tsunami there a week ago, continues to stabilise. It … Continue reading

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Nuke Tsunami Makes Clean Coal Look Better

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein The recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which shut down several reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex in northeastern Japan, followed by a failure of the backup cooling systems that resulted in hydrogen gas explosions and … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: The Energy No-Fly Zone

From the Global Warming Policy Foundation The world is about to enter a no-fly zone for energy policy, a period where nothing gets off the ground. Here we have a globalized economic system filled with unprecedented energy options, but where … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: Gas Burning Bright As Nuclear Renaissance Melts Down

From the Global Warming Policy Foundation Throughout the history of Japan, its cities have been destroyed again and again by war, fire and earthquake. After each catastrophe, the Japanese have rebuilt, bigger and better. One hopes and expects that they will … Continue reading

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Some quotes & news bytes on the nuclear energy Tsunami

Via the GWPF – After Tsunami Disaster, Expect Nuclear Delays & Global Run On Cheap Fossil Fuels Forget wind. Forget solar. Forget green energy. Japan’s nuclear disaster will only intensify the global race for cheap fossil fuels while most future … Continue reading

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Nuclear power perspective

By Mike Smith There is no question that the events in Japan are ongoing and serious. That said, I believe a lot of people are being misled by much of the news coverage.  Take a look at these headlines from … Continue reading

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