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Rapid climate changes in the younger Dryas, but with a 120 year time lag

From GFZ GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz Centre Regional climate changes can be very rapid. A German-British team of geoscientists now reports that such a rapid climate change occurred in different regions with a time difference of 120 years. Investigation in the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Svalbard Revisited

Guest essay by David Archibald A visit to the weather station at the airport is the highlight of any trip to Svalbard. Of course that weather station has been the subject of attention on WUWT here. Above: The Svalbard weather … Continue reading

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Norway’s wheat production impacted by Climate Change

Guest essay by David Archibald A correspondent in Oslo writes: “The official view in Norway is in contrast to what the people experience because of cooling weather: Late spring gives flooding and avalanches when late snow-melting in the mountains. Water … Continue reading

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Hot times near Svalbard – Volcanic range discovered

Jorge of Norway writes: Researchers have found a 1,500 km volcanic mountain chain hidden off the coast of Svalbard, which could soon break the surface to form a new island chain.

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Nacreous cloud show at the Arctic Circle

From spaceweather.com An apparition of polar stratospheric clouds is underway around the Arctic Circle. “It is almost as good as the aurora borealis,” says Göran Strand, who took this picture last night from Östersund, Sweden: Eric Schandall of Oslo, Norway, … Continue reading

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Norway’s coldest November in living memory

Yesterday we saw the satellite image of the UK, buried under snow for the second time in 2010, see UK Covered in snow, for the second winter. And we’ve seen and heard the reports about the impact snow is having in … Continue reading

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