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Shocker: dirty electric cars

From the University of Tennessee at Knoxville  comes this surprising bit of research. Taken in entirety, and electric vehicle has a greater impact on pollution than a comparable gasoline vehicle. Full disclosure – I own an electric car myself. I’m … Continue reading

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Topsy-Turvey Carbon Footprints from Nature Climate Change

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein The lastest issue of Nature Climate Change to reach my mailbox has some startling news, particularly considering that it comes from a generally Warmist publication. One might say is is “topsy-turvy” (upside down) from a … Continue reading

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Another electric car company bites the dust

From Slashdot: After years of beautiful concept cars, envy-inspiring demos, and missed production targets starting in 2008, high-efficiency car startup Aptera is liquidating its assets. A pointed excerpt from Wired’s account:

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Cash for clunkers: electric vehicle deliveries lag

Brief news by Ryan Maue The recent oil price shock likely hasn’t figured into the February sales numbers at GM or Nissan, which announced their electric vehicle sales numbers for the month.  Actually, there wasn’t an announcement, but you can … Continue reading

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