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Mystery plume radar image near Nuclear Test Site – solved

Occam’s Razor – the simplest explanation is most likely People ask me to look into weird things all the time. Since I operate a weather business that specifically offers weather radar analysis and tracking software, I got asked to look at … Continue reading

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NOAA shows that wind farms affect weather radar, and that affects their primary mission of forecasting and safety

“Chaotic wind velocities associated with the rotating turbine blades triggers the doppler radar mesocyclone detection algorithm” Note: this essay was written by the National Weather Service Forecast Office is Burlington, Vermont and tipped to me by a reader. Vermont’s wind … Continue reading

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Even with a busy tornado year, still no upward trend in tornadoes

US Tornado Trends–Updated to 2011 Guest post by Paul Homewood 2011 has obviously been a disastrous year for tornadoes in the USA, but does this reflect an increasing trend in either the number or severity of tornadoes? The NOAA graph below … Continue reading

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Summary of the April 14-16 US tornado outbreak

While Mike Smith over at Meteorological Musings has a great post on predicting the recent tornado outbreak in the eastern USA, NOAA has this postmortem summary of the event below, complete with video and animations.  See at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Oklahoma tech scenery

One of the most interesting things around here is the hi-tech/low-tech  scenery. For example, where else can you see cutting edge weather radar systems juxtaposed with oil rigs pump jacks? Getting a bit closer to the blue radome reveals some … Continue reading

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