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I nominate Dr. Peter Gleick for the first annual Walter Duranty award

Roger L. Simon writes on PJ Media: Starting this year, PJ Media, in conjunction with our good friends at The New Criterion, will be awarding the first annual Walter Duranty Prize for Journalistic Mendacity. Walter Duranty – it will be recalled … Continue reading

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Koch takes the NYT and Revkin to task

As WUWT readers know, Andrew Revkin of the New York Times was the first to “authenticate” the stolen Heartland documents. Only one problem, one of the documents, the one that “gave the story legs” (in journo parlance) was a fake. … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

I’ve seen lots of quotes this week, many surrounding the Gleick Fakegate affair. This one stands out. From John Horgan at Scientific American who asks: Should Global-Warming Activists Lie to Defend Their Cause? He writes:

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Newsbytes: Climate Hysteria Threatens Global Carbon War

By Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation Russia is considering limits on European flights over Siberia as countries approve possible retaliatory measures against the European Union’s move to force airlines to pay for carbon emissions. “We intend … Continue reading

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LA Times invokes Godwins Law, cites ‘Mein Kampf’ to attack Heartland Institute

From JunkScience.com LATimes cites ‘Mein Kampf’ to attack Heartland The Los Angeles Times invokes der Führer to attack Heartland. The Los Angeles Times editorializes: Leaked documents from the Heartland Institute in Chicago, one of many nonprofits that spread disinformation about climate … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – the climbdown on methane and climate change

There’s been a lot of worry-buzz in the usual circles over methane plumes bubbling up in the Arctic related to this NSF press release: Press Release 10-036 Methane Releases From Arctic Shelf May Be Much Larger and Faster Than Anticipated … Continue reading

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NYT reporter engages in zany conspiracy theory – suggests bloggers “knew” FOIA emails were coming

This is almost as clueless as the raid on Tallbloke by the police looking for scraps. But it does underscore one thing – investigators are clueless and so is the major press. For the record, I don’t know who “FOIA” … Continue reading

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Another alarming climate myth bites the dust – mosquito borne malaria does NOT increase with temperature

Back in 2001, the University of Florida wrote one of those “science by press release” thingy’s in Eurekalert where they speculated that global warming would increase ranges, and thus the range of mosquito borne disease. The next year, NPR jumped … Continue reading

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National Academy of Sciences appointee caught “making up stuff” to win lawsuit, RICO lawsuit follows

Watch the video below, it is quite something. Amazing that they were stupid enough to tape themselves saying this much less turn it into a documentary! UPDATE: The legal pleading has been added, link below, quite a read. ————- Excerpt … Continue reading

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The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project puts PR before peer review

UPDATE: see this new story BEST: What I agree with and what I disagree with – plus a call for additional transparency to prevent “pal” review ======================================================= Readers may recall this post last week where I complained about being put in … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – a cancel-a-thon in the making

I read Paul Krugman’s column once in awhile, and I always come away feeling abused. Yesterday when I read his column, my first thought was that “if I had a subscription, I’d cancel it”. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. … Continue reading

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Bizarre: NYT follows AAAS lead on “FOIA requests equate to death threats”

Chris Horner of the American Tradition Institute writes in with this: So the American Association for the Advancement of Science, thoroughly rattled by the American Tradition Institute’s FOIA requests of UVa and NASA — and even more so by the … Continue reading

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The folly of linking tornado outbreaks to “climate change”

In times of tragedy, there always seems to be hucksters about trying to use that tragedy to sell a position, a product, or a belief. In ancient times, tragedy was the impetus used to appease the gods and to embrace … Continue reading

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Never let a good crisis go to waste: tornado deaths blamed on lawmakers opposed to climate legislation

Further Update: Turns out I was hoping for too much.  Brad Johnson found at least three scientists eager to be quoted in his follow up article:  Kevin Trenberth, Michael Mann, and Gavin Schmidt.  The quotes from these top scientists are … Continue reading

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Another inconvenient web posting “disappeared”

Revkin of NYT takes back his statement that skeptics are more knowledgeable about the science From “the Hockey Schtick“ Tom Nelson featured a surprising quote from warmist/alarmist Andrew Revkin of the New York Times in the article Climate, Communication and … Continue reading

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All the climate news that’s fit to misprint

While Krugman wails at the NYT, giant Elk die in print for all the wrong climatic reasons. In Tips and Notes, P J Brennan says: All the news that’s fit to mis-report: From today’s NYT When the planet warmed at … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Electricity

Power for the people You cannot champion the poor, but support anti-energy policies that perpetuate poverty Guest post by Paul Driessen In a scene reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg, for 16 years Thabo Molubi and his partner had made furniture in … Continue reading

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Food fight

Paul Krugman has caused quite a stir with his claims that the riots in Egypt are the result of: global warming > causing bad weather > causing crop failure > causing increased food prices > causing riots. It’s rather circular … Continue reading

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Gore and Olbermann, a match made in…

From Hot Air, just a rumor at the moment: NYT: Olbermann to join … Al Gore’s Current TV posted at 9:43 pm on February 7, 2011 by Allahpundit  Unconfirmed thus far, but the Times hears buzz. Two words: “equity stake.” … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the week: a basic science question for NYT reporter Justin Gillis

Readers please note the story I ran earlier: NOAA: “the atmosphere’s self-cleaning capacity is rather stable” This story talks about the ability of hydroxyl radicals in the free atmosphere to break down pollutants, and how there seems to be a stability … Continue reading

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Just Another East Coast Blizzard

Guest post by John Goetz I read Judah Cohen’s opinion piece in the New York Times yesterday and could not decide if he was being serious or not when he concluded “It’s all a snow job by nature. The reality … Continue reading

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