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Climate Craziness of the Week: NBC: Polar Bears Like ‘Passengers on the Titanic’ Because of Global Warming

Image: Toonpool Newsbusters reports: Teasing an upcoming story on Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams warned of “the habitat of the polar bears melting earlier and faster than ever” and promised “a jaw-dropping look at a way of life … Continue reading

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About the record temperature in Las Vegas yesterday…it wasn’t 117°F

There’s lots of hullabaloo over the supposedly tied all time temperature record of 117°F in Las Vegas on June 29th, and the potential for a new all-time temperature record in Death Valley, which would negate the all time world record … Continue reading

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Green Sin Week – your personal guide to penance

Mocking Lent, Good Friday, and Easter observed by millions, the eco website “Grist” this week showed the link between all things green and religion, by making a “virtual confession booth” for those who have sinned against Gaia. Apparently, there’s been … Continue reading

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