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Data for study based on TWO fish sample size: challenges to Australia’s Climate Comission go unanswered

Submitted by Marc Hendrix – correspondence with Steve Woodman, reproduced with permission: For your reference, today I sent this challenge to the Climate Commission regarding a recent University of Tasmania study on growth rates in the banded morwong and the … Continue reading

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Truly surprising science discovery – free floating planets

This is the last thing I expected, we live in an amazing age of discovery. From the AAAS:

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IPCC’s species extinction hype “fundamentally flawed”

Before you read this, I’ll remind WUWT readers of this essay: Where Are The Corpses? Posted on January 4, 2010 by Willis Eschenbach Which is an excellent primer for understanding the species extinction issue. Willis pointed out that there are a … Continue reading

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Uncertain Climate Risks (Nature Climate Change)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein As I continue to plow through Vol 1 Issue 1 of the new Journal Nature Climate Change, I came to the following amazing statement: Communicating the value of climate modelling … requires confronting such apparent … Continue reading

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Willis hits the news stands in London

Christopher Booker’s Telegraph column used Willis Eschenbach’s recent Open Letter to Nature as the basis for the Sunday column: Booker writes:

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The code of Nature: making authors part with their programs

Guest post by Shub Niggurath However, as it is now often practiced, one can make a good case that computing is the last refuge of the scientific scoundrel. —Randall LeVeque Some backstory first A very interesting editorial has appeared recently … Continue reading

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Nature Unleashes a Flood … of Bad Science.

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Recently, Nature Magazine published a paywalled paper called “Human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes” by Seung-Ki Min, Xuebin Zhang, Francis W. Zwiers & Gabriele C. Hegerl (hereinafter MZZH11) was published in Nature Magazine. The Supplementary Information … Continue reading

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Another overhyped global warming claim bites the dust

Longtime readers of WUWT may remember this story from 2008: Nutty Story of the Day: “Global Warming” is Killing the Penguins in Antarctica The root of this goes back as far as 2006, such as this MSNBC story: Now it appears … Continue reading

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