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The ‘worse than we thought’ model

From ETH Zurich: Underestimated future climate change? 25.11.2013 | Fabio Bergamin New model calculations by ETH researcher Thomas Frölicher show that global warming may continue after a stoppage of CO 2 emissions. We cannot rule out the possibility that climate … Continue reading

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The WUWT Hot Sheet for September 12th, 2013

Climate models wildly overestimated global warming, study finds Can you rely on the weather forecast? Maybe not, at least when it comes to global warming predictions over short time periods. That’s the upshot of a new study in the journal Nature Climate … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – Nature on the failure of climate models

From the world of Claimatology™, comes this smackdown from Nature.

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Waste heat – a bigger climate effect than once thought

Dr. Roy Spencer recently opined about this issue (which is different from UHI) in: Waste Heat as a Contributor to Observed Warming If we divide that by the surface area of the U.S. in meters, we get 0.33 watts per sq. … Continue reading

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Record high for global carbon emissions – China is the leader

From the University of East Anglia  home of Climatgate and Phil Jones. Fortunately, we already covered this at WUWT graphically as shown below: This graph and subsequent story shows just how well the Kyoto protocol has succeeded, which is to … Continue reading

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RC’s Dr. Eric Steig boreholes himself on Antarctica

This is something that needs wider circulation, hence its appearance here. I’ve been mulling over how to best present this, and decided there’s nothing I could do in the way of excerpts that still told the story effectively, so I … Continue reading

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Is the Current Global Warming a Natural Cycle?

Guest post by W. Jackson Davis and Peter Taylor We were delighted to see the paper published in Nature magazine online (August 22, 2012 issue) reporting past climate warming events in the Antarctic similar in amplitude and warming rate to … Continue reading

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Scientists claim: Greenhouse gases largely to blame for warming oceans

Another “the science is settled” moment. From the ABC: A new US-led study, featuring research by Tasmanian scientists, has concluded that warming ocean temperatures over the past 50 years are largely a man-made phenomenon. Researchers from America, India, Japan and … Continue reading

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Another paper shows that severe weather/extreme weather has no trend related to global warming

From Pierre Gosselin’s  Notrickszone http://notrickszone.com/2012/05/25/comprehensive-alps-study-clearly-refutes-humans-are-causing-more-weather-variability-and-extremes/ A new paper authored by Reinhard Böhm of the Austrian Central Administration For Meteorology (ZAMG) refutes the notion that anthropogenic warming is causing an increase of climate extremes and making weather more variable and extreme. Pressure – temperature … Continue reading

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Natural Variability in the Widths of the Tropics

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In my previous post, “Does This Analysis Make My Tropics Look Big?“I discussed a paper called “Recent Northern Hemisphere tropical expansion primarily driven by black carbon and tropospheric ozone”, by Robert Allen et al, hereinafter … Continue reading

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Does This Analysis Make My Tropics Look Big?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There is a new paper in Nature magazine that claims that the tropics are expanding. This would be worrisome because it could push the dry zones further north and south, moving the Saharan aridity into … Continue reading

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IceCube Neutrino Observatory provides new insights into origin of cosmic rays

In 1912, Austrian physicist Victor Hess was using balloons to measure radiation levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. His innovative and meticulous work required him to travel with the balloon up to altitudes of 5.3 km, monitoring the measuring equipment and … Continue reading

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Weather is climate, or loaded dice, or something

From the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)  more instituitional worrying turned press release leading up to the upcoming WMO report. I wonder where they get the increase in hurricane intensity from? Apparently they’ve never seen Dr. Ryan Maue’s … Continue reading

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Nature endorses open source software in journal submissions

Ron Dean writes in Tips and Notes: Interesting article about Nature editorial endorsing open source software for journal submissions. No mention of climate models, but it certainly seems to play in their insistence for reproducibility . The money quote: “Reproducibility … Continue reading

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NOAA’s Susan Solomon, still pushing that 2 degrees in spite of limited options

From the University of Exeter , more Durban PR rampup: Limited options for meeting 2°C warming target, warn climate change experts We will only achieve the target of limiting global warming to safe levels if carbon dioxide emissions begin to … Continue reading

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Shame and Witches (Nature Climate Change)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein A copy of the journal Nature Climate Change> landed in my mailbox just in time for Halloween. According to them: (1) almost any kind of climate change is likely to cause increased conflict, and (2) … Continue reading

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The pathway to go after farming and fertilizers

Reading this, especially with the climate doom opening paragraph, I’m left with the idea that it will be used as a tool to limit modern farming practices by going after yield enhancing chemical fertilzers. …it might even be feasible to … Continue reading

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Climate tipping point early warning system

While the press release says University of Exeter, this slide show by Tim Lenton from the University that brought up ClimateGate, UEA, sees tipping worry in every event. Source: http://www.slideshare.net/Stepscentre/tim-lenton-early-warning-of-climate-tipping-points From Eurekalert: Climate change disasters could be predicted Climate change … Continue reading

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Data for study based on TWO fish sample size: challenges to Australia’s Climate Comission go unanswered

Submitted by Marc Hendrix – correspondence with Steve Woodman, reproduced with permission: For your reference, today I sent this challenge to the Climate Commission regarding a recent University of Tasmania study on growth rates in the banded morwong and the … Continue reading

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Truly surprising science discovery – free floating planets

This is the last thing I expected, we live in an amazing age of discovery. From the AAAS:

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IPCC’s species extinction hype “fundamentally flawed”

Before you read this, I’ll remind WUWT readers of this essay: Where Are The Corpses? Posted on January 4, 2010 by Willis Eschenbach Which is an excellent primer for understanding the species extinction issue. Willis pointed out that there are a … Continue reading

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Uncertain Climate Risks (Nature Climate Change)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein As I continue to plow through Vol 1 Issue 1 of the new Journal Nature Climate Change, I came to the following amazing statement: Communicating the value of climate modelling … requires confronting such apparent … Continue reading

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Willis hits the news stands in London

Christopher Booker’s Telegraph column used Willis Eschenbach’s recent Open Letter to Nature as the basis for the Sunday column: Booker writes:

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The code of Nature: making authors part with their programs

Guest post by Shub Niggurath However, as it is now often practiced, one can make a good case that computing is the last refuge of the scientific scoundrel. —Randall LeVeque Some backstory first A very interesting editorial has appeared recently … Continue reading

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Nature Unleashes a Flood … of Bad Science.

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Recently, Nature Magazine published a paywalled paper called “Human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes” by Seung-Ki Min, Xuebin Zhang, Francis W. Zwiers & Gabriele C. Hegerl (hereinafter MZZH11) was published in Nature Magazine. The Supplementary Information … Continue reading

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Another overhyped global warming claim bites the dust

Longtime readers of WUWT may remember this story from 2008: Nutty Story of the Day: “Global Warming” is Killing the Penguins in Antarctica The root of this goes back as far as 2006, such as this MSNBC story: Now it appears … Continue reading

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