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Coldest ever temperature recorded on Earth found in Antarctica

Press Release: Landsat 8 helps unveil the coldest place on Earth SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Scientists recently recorded the lowest temperatures on Earth at a desolate and remote ice plateau in East Antarctica, trumping a record set in 1983 and uncovering a … Continue reading

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“Watching the Deniers” makes hilarious goof while accusing WUWT of “doctoring” NSIDC images

UPDATE: Mr. Marriott, perhaps fearful of legal action due to his own stupidity on the matter, has dropped the claim of “doctoring” and has also changed the title to remove the “dishonest” claim. Rather than admit he was wrong and … Continue reading

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Avaaz! Save the world from a slushy death, just £2

People send me stuff. This is an email solicitation claiming that if you send Avaaz £2 a week (About $3.07 USD at current exchange rate) they’ll somehow be able to help NSIDC’s Julienne Stroeve get started putting back that Arctic ice, … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 4 #2 – The 2013 Sea Ice Forecast Contest

The race to forecast the minimum is on again. Will it be another Serreze death spiral media opportunity? Or will it be ho-hum- nothing to see here, move along? Once again I’m inviting readers to submit their best guess, best … Continue reading

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Greenland ice melt overestimated due to satellite data algorithm issue

This is an interesting admission: The melt extent algorithm used by Greenland Ice Sheet Today has been overestimating the melt extent, and as a result, daily images posted on this site in February and March may have indicated melt where … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3 #15 – Arctic sea ice doubles in October

In Sea Ice News #14, we noted that the Arctic refreeze was the fastest ever. According to NSIDC, Arctic sea ice extent doubled in October. Arctic rapidly gaining winter ice Ice extent doubled in October. The rate of increase since … Continue reading

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Tisdale: How Much of an Impact Does the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Have on Arctic Sea Ice Extent?

Last week I asked Bob Tisdale to take a hard look at potential correlations between the AMO and Arctic sea ice extent, and he rose to the challenge – Anthony Guest post by Bob Tisdale This post presents reference graphs … Continue reading

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Greenland Ice Sheet albedo drops ‘off the bottom of the chart’ – but look closer as to why

Got this in the mail just as I posted my open thread announcemnt. I’m too busy this weekend to say much else except to post this tweet from Bill McKibben and some past blog excerpts and invite discussion. Bill McKibben … Continue reading

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Reanalyses find rising humidity in the Arctic

Direct, reliable observations of atmospheric conditions stretch as far back as the mid seventeenth century, with otherwise consistent records being punctuated by periodic updates in methods, practitioners, and observational equipment. To bridge these shifts in technique and technology, scientists develop … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: NSIDC’s Dr. Walt Meier on this Arctic ice season

Guest post by Dr. Walt Meier, National Snow and Ice Data Center Winds, Temperatures, and Arctic Sea Ice Extent As the summer sea ice melt season gets into high gear, I thought I’d do a post on sea ice processes … Continue reading

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“…the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012″

Its always important to remember what has been predicted by the elders of science, and to review those predictions when the time is right.  In four months, just 132 days from now at the end of summer on the Autumnal … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3, #2

In today’s report Arctic Sea Ice on the rise again, presently in the range of normal levels Antarctic Sea Ice is at slightly above normal levels Why is early satellite data for Arctic and Antarctic Ice extent referenced in the … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: rapid re-refreeze of the Arctic in October, 40% faster than normal

From NSIDC: A rapid freeze-up Arctic sea ice extent increased rapidly through October, as is typical this time of year. Large areas of open water were still present in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas at the end of the month. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Grist thinks spontaneous human combustion might be a convincing bit of evidence for AGW

There’s been some wild claims out there the past few days since BEST released their results in a media blitzkrieg on October 20th prior to peer review.  But this one from Grist writer Jess Zimmerman has to rank up there … Continue reading

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Times Atlas Greenland ice fubar: Death by Wikipedia?

UPDATE: The publisher of the Atlas has issued a clarification and apology: The Times Atlas is renowned for its authority and we do our utmost to maintain that reputation. In compiling the content of the atlas, we consult experts in … Continue reading

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‘Atlasgate’ deepens: NSIDC rejects being a specific source of The Times Atlas 15% Greenland ice loss claim

The Guardian has this article up today: The claim was this: “for the first time, the new edition of the (atlas) has had to erase 15% of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover – turning an area the size of the … Continue reading

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Arctic ice refreezing after falling short of 2007 record

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow The arctic ice appears to have bottomed out at a level 6.4% higher than the 2007 record. Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center says the Arctic could be ice-free in … Continue reading

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In other news…Arctic sea ice has turned the corner

We all need a break from the Gore-a-thon, so here’s some cheering news. As I reported on Sept 13th, Sea Ice News: Arctic sea ice “may” have turned the corner sea ice appeared then to have turned the corner for the … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: Arctic sea ice “may” have turned the corner

UPDATES: New NSIDC data and a press release from them added below. While some folks (Joe Romm in particular) are touting the recent University of Bremen press release suggesting a new record low has been met, declaring record minimum Arctic extent … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: Arctic sea ice extent making a sharp right turn

Over the past few days, Arctic sea ice extent has braked dramatically in the daily loss rate and now has made a sharp right turn, which is rather unusual. Here’s the JAXA extent: And here is a close up view, … Continue reading

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