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A new look at Greenland’s ice sheet and the bedrock below

From NASA: Airborne Radar Looking Through Thick Ice During NASA Polar Campaigns The bedrock hidden beneath the thick ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica has intrigued researchers for years. Scientists are interested in how the shape of this hidden terrain … Continue reading

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Study: lack of cloud physics biased climate models high

The Hockey Schtick brings this to our attention. It seems Dr. Roy Spencer was prescient with his observation: “The most obvious way for warming to be caused naturally is for small, natural fluctuations in the circulation patterns of the atmosphere … Continue reading

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Breaking deep-sea waves reveal a potential mechanism for global ocean mixing

From the “Trenberth’s hidden heat” department and the University of Washington comes this story about waves nobody ever sees in the sea that may mix water and transport heat. Waves breaking over sandy beaches are captured in countless tourist photos. … Continue reading

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NSF says biosphere is breathing in CO2 more deeply

Press Release 13-139 Seasonal carbon dioxide range expanding as more is added to Earth’s atmosphere Northern Hemisphere land-based ecosystems “taking deeper breaths,” scientists find Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rise and fall each year as plants, through photosynthesis … Continue reading

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Murry Salby responds to critics

Jo Nova writes: Murry Salby was sacked from Macquarie University, and Macquarie  struggled to explain why, among other things, it was necessary to abandon, and strand him in Paris and hold a “misconduct” meeting in his absence. Since then he … Continue reading

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If storms are worse now, why did they need a sea wall 150 years ago?

From Virginia Tech something that makes you wonder about past storm intensity and the need to protect shorelines from storms coming from the sea. With all the hype surrounding “Superstorm Sandy”, it is interesting to see that 150 years ago, … Continue reading

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Solar panels as inexpensive as paint?

This would be nice, except this idea keeps surfacing every couple of years, and I’ve yet to see one actually become viable. – Anthony “Organic photovoltaics can be fabricated over large areas on rigid or flexible substrates potentially becoming as … Continue reading

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New NSF paleo research claiming Arctic was warmer fails to take major ocean circulation changes 3 million years ago into account

I covered this story earlier today, and it was presented much differently in that press release. This press release takes a different tack. IMHO, it looks like a big “ooops” from the National Science Foundation. See what I found after … Continue reading

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NCAR says targeting specific pollutants would slow SLR

From the  National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research I can see the EPA jumping all over this one. Black carbon is likely a contributor, as it changes the albedo of ice sheets and one that is much … Continue reading

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Modeling the greening of the Arctic

From the National Science Foundation: New Models Predict Dramatically Greener Arctic in the Coming Decades International Polar Year- (IPY) funded research predicts boom in trees, shrubs, will lead to net increase in climate warming A map of predicted greening of … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – ‘bad eggs’ in the Marcott et al non-stick omelete recipe

This is a scathing and revealing comment from another scientist regarding the Marcott et al affair. The context of it all has an odor of hydrogen sulfide about it.

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The PR is in: the ‘may haves’ have it at NSF

From the National Science Foundation, another bit of Speculative Science™ note the caveat in bold, which is all they need for a headline that screams certainty: This sudden release of gases into the atmosphere may have created intense global warming, … Continue reading

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Kenji sniffs out stupid claims by the Union of Concerned Scientists

For those of you who don’t know yet, Kenji is our family dog. Kenji is also a official dues paying member of the Union of Concerned scientists. see: Friday Funny – The newest member of the Union of Concerned Scientists because … Continue reading

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Duplicate science: ‘funding agencies may have awarded millions and possibly billions of dollars to scientists’ for duplicate studies

From the: …comes this press release that makes me wonder why the University of Virginia spent close to a half million dollars trying to keep Dr. Michael Mann’s emails out of an FOIA request and lawsuit by the State attorney … Continue reading

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More Tabloid Climatology – now ‘extreme weather’ killed the Mayans

From the University of California – Davis  and the “seek and ye shall find” department, a stunning example of Tabloid Climatology™ trying to link “extreme weather” with the Mayan civilization collapse. They did get one thing right though with this … Continue reading

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Earth’s great oxidation event

From the University of California – Riverside Oxygen’s ups and downs in the early atmosphere and ocean UC Riverside-led research team finds evidence for a dramatic rise in early oxygen about 2.3 billion years ago followed, more surprisingly, by an … Continue reading

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More hype on Greenland’s summer melt

You may recall the bogus claim of “97% of Greenland Ice melted”, that was dialed back (REP’s last story on WUWT). Now there’s more of the same sort of stuff. See this PR, and note my bold for the money … Continue reading

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Ocean seawater chemistry linked with periods of global cooling, sharp changes from greenhouse to icehouse climate

From the University of Toronto , something quite unexpected. Scientists connect seawater chemistry with climate change and evolution TORONTO, ON – Humans get most of the blame for climate change, with little attention paid to the contribution of other natural … Continue reading

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Gen-X ers don’t care about climate change

From the University of Michigan , recognition of a whole new crop of, ahem, deniers. I can hear Joe Romm’s head exploding from my house. Generation X is surprisingly unconcerned about climate change ANN ARBOR, Mich.—As the nation suffers through … Continue reading

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ARCUS: July Sea Ice Outlook Published

WUWT comes in at the median value of 4.6 million square kilometers (they rounded up from our 4.55 submission) . It is important to note that even with the large losses in June, nobody who submitted to ARCUS is forecasting … Continue reading

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Viruses linked to coral bleaching

I found this interesting: “If viruses are causing disease or bleaching of colonies, it’s also unknown whether this is happening now more than in the past.” Sort of like ocean acidification, they don’t have any long term data. UPDATE: Commenter … Continue reading

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CO2 emissions – China is the big hockey stick in the room

China’s CO2 emission in millions of metric tons from 1980 to 2009: Source, EIA: http://www.eia.gov/countries/img/charts_png/CH_co2con_img.png From Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: Atmospheric scientists release first “bottom-up” estimates of China’s CO2 emissions Estimates capitalize on instrumental measurements of CO2 in … Continue reading

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July sea ice outlook submitted to ARCUS

The WUWT Extent Projection: 4.55 million square kilometers. Readers polled, 142 responded with 22.11% of responses in the range of 4.5 to 4.6 million square kilometers. 4.6 million sqkm  11.21%  (72 votes) 4.5 million sqkm  10.9%  (70 votes) This was almost … Continue reading

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Claim: Fates of polar ice sheets appear to be linked

From the National Science Foundation – Press Release 12-115 Remote Siberian Lake Holds Clues to Arctic–and Antarctic–Climate Change Keys to climate change lie buried beneath “Lake E” in the Russian Arctic. Credit and Larger Version Intense warm climate intervals–warmer than … Continue reading

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Dear Woods Hole and NCAR, maybe you missed this trend in Antarctic sea ice?

More modeling madness projecting the future, but the actual data for the past 30 years says otherwise, with a positive trend. Regular commenter Julienne Stroeve of NSIDC is one of the co-authors, so perhaps she’ll weigh in here. The article … Continue reading

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Claim: Today’s climate is more sensitive than that of the past

Press Release 12-107 Today’s Climate More Sensitive to Carbon Dioxide Than in Past 12 Million Years Geologic record shows evolution in Earth’s climate system The phytoplankton Emiliania huxleyi offers clues about climate past, present and future. Credit and Larger Version … Continue reading

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ARCUS 2012 PAN-ARCTIC sea ice forecast submitted

PAN-ARCTIC OUTLOOK Submitted by WUWT today, June 4th to Helen Wiggins of ARCUS, details here About the Sea Ice Outlook The SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook is an international effort to provide a community-wide summary of the expected September arctic sea … Continue reading

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Apathy and the climate change divide – it isn’t about science literacy

From Yale University,  it seems the climate debate has become completely tribal. On the plus side, this study blows the “if only we could communicate to the public better” meme out of the water. The great climate divide deepens even … Continue reading

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Using leaf veins to hindcast climate

From the University of California – Los Angeles Hacking code of leaf vein architecture solves mysteries, allows predictions of past climate UCLA life scientists have discovered new laws that determine the construction of leaf vein systems as leaves grow and … Continue reading

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CO2 police can now be equipped to rat out cities

From the University of Utah, a way to keep tabs on Kyoto, except there isn’t any new treaties expected to be signed. Measuring CO2 to fight global warming University of Utah and Harvard scientists develop way to enforce future greenhouse … Continue reading

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Glaciers can speed up, but can’t put out

From the National Science Foundation: Press Release 12-088 Analysis of Speed of Greenland Glaciers Gives New Insight for Rising Sea Level Researchers determine that although glaciers continue to increase in velocity, the rate at which they can dump ice into … Continue reading

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Scientists core into California’s Clear Lake to explore past climate change

From the University of California – Berkeley Deep sediments are unparalleled record of biotic changes over past 200,000+ years University of California, Berkeley, scientists are drilling into ancient sediments at the bottom of Northern California’s Clear Lake for clues that … Continue reading

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Kiribati – a global warming refuge?

From an NSF press release, comes this strange new term, look for real estate prices to soar and airports to be built there soon. Oh, wait, that’s Tuvalu/Maldives, which global warming is supposed to inundate with sea level rise. Never … Continue reading

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Climate scientists who have been claiming Texas is warming are totally wrong.

Story submitted by Forrest Mims III, originally published for the San Antonio Express-News In the early days of this column, concerned readers sent many questions about the earth’s ozone layer, which I began measuring in 1990. Today, public interest in … Continue reading

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IceCube Neutrino Observatory provides new insights into origin of cosmic rays

In 1912, Austrian physicist Victor Hess was using balloons to measure radiation levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. His innovative and meticulous work required him to travel with the balloon up to altitudes of 5.3 km, monitoring the measuring equipment and … Continue reading

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