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The “Hurricane Sandy is caused by global warming” Tabloid Climatology™ affliction gets out of control on MSNBC in a Chris Matthews interview with Dr. Michael Oppenheimer: About these ads

About these ads
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Muller on MSNBC – what he didn’t say was interesting

I just watched this video interview on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show (h/t to Poptech) Despite the tacky caption, it was what Dr. Muller didn’t talk about that was, ahem, the best part.

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130 mph biocoal steam engines – another high speed rail boondoggle?

My grandfather made steam engines, my father made a scale steam locomotive for taking children on rides in the park and at the fair. Some of my happiest memories as a child were of sitting behind my father in the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: James Lovelock backs down on climate alarm

MSNBC reports that the lack of temperature rise in the last 12 years has convinced environmentalist James Lovelock ( The Gaia Hypothesis) that the climate alarmism wasn’t warranted. From his Wikipedia entry: Writing in the British newspaper The Independent in … Continue reading

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Hilarious! Gore-Olbermann email exchange “leaked”

From the Daily Caller: Keith Olbermann and Al Gore: the secret emails revealed By Jamie Weinstein and Wil Rahn – The Daily Caller   10:59 PM 04/08/2012 On March 30th, Current TV terminated its relationship with outspoken liberal anchor Keith … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s ‘Current TV’ even further down the tubes – Olbermann fired

Readers may recall I reported last year on Al Gore’s attempt to prop up slumping viewership in his mishmash of programming satellite channel Current TV by hiring Keith Olbermann. It seems that idea didn’t work out well and I can’t … Continue reading

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I suppose if  I truly want to take the weekend off, I’ll have to ditch my smartphone. These photos from the Facebook page of the Panhandle Helicopter Service in Panama City Beach, Florida, have been making the rounds today, erroneously … Continue reading

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Gore and Olbermann, a match made in…

From Hot Air, just a rumor at the moment: NYT: Olbermann to join … Al Gore’s Current TV posted at 9:43 pm on February 7, 2011 by Allahpundit  Unconfirmed thus far, but the Times hears buzz. Two words: “equity stake.” … Continue reading

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Another overhyped global warming claim bites the dust

Longtime readers of WUWT may remember this story from 2008: Nutty Story of the Day: “Global Warming” is Killing the Penguins in Antarctica The root of this goes back as far as 2006, such as this MSNBC story: Now it appears … Continue reading

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When warmistas attack

Note: There’s a response and analysis to this post here. NOTE: Predictably, Joe Romm has turned this post into a personal bashing of me over at his Climate Progress blog. For some eye opening viewpoints from his side of the … Continue reading

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