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Sailing On The Moon Wind

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I grew up on a remote cattle ranch surrounded by miles of forest, far from street lights. The nights were large and silent and very dark when there was no moon. But when the moon … Continue reading

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Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 – data and images

I’ve been asked to provide some information on the upcoming eclipse Sunday, so here it is. I’ll actually miss the first part of the Heartland conference (Sunday night and Monday) due to the promise to my children we’d see this … Continue reading

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Tuvalu flooding FAIL – no supermoon tide of any significance

Told ya so. In I Feel a FAIL Coming On – Will Tuvalu Survive ‘Super moon’? Andi Cockroft pointed out that there was the usual media disaster hype, and the reality of what perigee moons actually do to affect tides, which isn’t … Continue reading

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I Feel a FAIL Coming On – Will Tuvalu Survive ‘Super moon’?

UPDATE: Sunday 5/6/12 7PM PST – The FAIL occurred, with the predication hype not even close. Read here: Tuvalu flooding FAIL – no supermoon tide of any significance Guest post by Andi Cockroft The MSM down under are running with … Continue reading

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Global annualized temperature – “full of [snip] up to their eyebrows”

Guest Post by Dr. Robert Brown, Physics Dept. Duke University [elevated from comments] Dr. Brown mentions “global temperature” several times. I’d like to know what he thinks of this. Dr. Brown thinks that this is a very nice piece of … Continue reading

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Unified Climate Theory May Confuse Cause and Effect

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein The Unified Theory of Climate post is exciting and could shake the world of Climate Science to its roots. I would love it if the conventional understanding of the Atmospheric “Greenhouse” Effect (GHE) presented by … Continue reading

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Shifting Sun-Earth-Moon Harmonies, Beats, & Biases

Paul L. Vaughan, M.Sc. – October 2011 This post has no introduction, per the author’s request, start with the graphs. A PDF of a more complete paper is linked at the end. – Anthony

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Volcano found on the Moon’s farside

Non-mare silicic volcanism on the lunar farside at Compton–Belkovich Bradley L. Jolliff,Sandra A. Wiseman,Samuel J. Lawrence,Thanh N. Tran,Mark S. Robinson,Hiroyuki Sato,B. Ray Hawke,Frank Scholten,Jürgen Oberst,Harald Hiesinger, Carolyn H. van der Bogert,Benjamin T. Greenhagen,Timothy D. Glotch& David A. Paige Nature Geoscience … Continue reading

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The Perigee Moon aka “Supermoon”

Perigee Moon left, Apogee Moon, right. Picture Credit: Galileo Project, NASA Thanks to WUWT regular “justthefacts” for assembling this story. – Anthony There has been a lot in the news about, “Saturday’s full moon will be a super “perigee moon” — … Continue reading

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Moon revealed to have an Earth-like core

NASA Research Team Reveals Moon Has Earth-Like Core WASHINGTON – State-of-the-art seismological techniques applied to Apollo-era data suggest our moon has a core similar to Earth’s. Uncovering details about the lunar core is critical for developing accurate models of the … Continue reading

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Earth’s Albedo Tells an Interesting Story

Thanks to one of our commenters (thanks Henry), this unique project called “Earthshine” being done at the Big Bear Solar Observatory has been brought to my attention. The project is simple in concept: The Earth’s climate depends on the net … Continue reading

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