Sandy and the presidential election

From Fox News, a surprising metric from exit polls. They write: Many analysts felt that the arrival of Hurricane Sandy gave the president a boost last week by allowing him to display leadership in front of the American people, as well as taking away valuable campaigning days from Gov. Romney. About these ads

About these ads

Climate goes off the presidential radar

Watching the debate tonight, I kept listening for some hint of the discussion of the “climate crisis”. Why? Because the League of Conservation Voters put out a broad petition campaign to influence moderator Jim Lehrer: But it didn’t work, not a single mention was made of, as they put it, “…the greatest challenge of our…

Wikipedia FAIL – names Romney 45th U.S. President

One of the great things about Wikipedia is that anybody can edit articles. One of the bad things about Wikipedia is that anybody can edit articles. Controversial subjects tend to attract malicious edits, such as the sort of thing we’ve seen with Climate on Wikipedia, resulting in edit wars and suspensions of people like William…