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Sandy and the presidential election

From Fox News, a surprising metric from exit polls. They write: Many analysts felt that the arrival of Hurricane Sandy gave the president a boost last week by allowing him to display leadership in front of the American people, as … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Ray Pierrehumbert and ‘Satan’s Rock’

Former IPCC lead author Raymond T. Pierrehumbert has a real zinger this time. You have to read this one to believe it. From an interview in Slate magazine via Tom Nelson:

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Al Gore on Obama’s failed debate performance – ‘it was the altitude’, not the attitude

I would not have believed this if I wasn’t able to see it myself. This bloviation even tops Gore’s “Earth’s interior is millions of degrees” comment on live TV. Watch this video segment from Gore’s Current TV: 

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Climate goes off the presidential radar

Watching the debate tonight, I kept listening for some hint of the discussion of the “climate crisis”. Why? Because the League of Conservation Voters put out a broad petition campaign to influence moderator Jim Lehrer: But it didn’t work, not … Continue reading

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I love the smell of climate desperation in the morning…

This is quite some headline on E&E’s Climatewire this morning. I’d call it “unprecedented”.

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Friday Funny / Quote of the week – the healing rift

I’m sure many WUWT readers on both sides of the AGW debate watched Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech last night. The most memorable line that got a standing ovation was a poke back at Obama’s famous line – “I am absolutely … Continue reading

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Wikipedia FAIL – names Romney 45th U.S. President

One of the great things about Wikipedia is that anybody can edit articles. One of the bad things about Wikipedia is that anybody can edit articles. Controversial subjects tend to attract malicious edits, such as the sort of thing we’ve … Continue reading

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By this logic, Chris Mooney should be blaming Obama for not seizing the opportunity to talk about global cooling last winter

Sigh. This is so bad… it’s funny. For the record, it is now official; Chris Mooney is a paid political hack disguising himself as a science writer. I’m going back to calling him a “kid blogger”, because no adult could … Continue reading

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Romney’s Historic Opportunity: Low-Cost Energy Fuels Economic Recovery

Editorial by Dr. Fred Singer Romney can clinch the election by detailing an energy policy that restores jobs, prosperity, and American economic leadership. “To be credible, a reform agenda must have some reform substance.”——————————————————————————————- Energy, the life-blood of the economy, … Continue reading

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Another poll shows global warming on the outs, distrust of climate scientists cited

When hockey stick creator Dr. Michael Mann responds to valid questions about his science by blocking the person asking the questions as well as deleting them so that others can’t see them, is it really any surprise that distrust of … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things Heartland Institute Will Do With $6.4 Million in Funding

I couldn’t think of a way to easily excerpt this excellent piece of satire, so I’ll just repost it with apologies in advance and ask WUWT readers to go to wendymcelroy.com and give her props. -Anthony ============================================================== My hat is … Continue reading

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