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Michigan State claim: Extreme wildfires likely fueled by climate change

Climate change is likely fueling the larger and more destructive wildfires that are scorching vast areas of the American West, according to new research led by Michigan State University scientists. These erratic fires are harder to contain and often result … Continue reading

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The mental effect of the ‘97% consensus’ myth spans politics

But, we all know that 97% consensus talking point is simply based on a handful of actual climate  responding to a broad questionnaire combined with some statistical spin to give the desired result. Apparently, that’s good enough for low information … Continue reading

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Democrats and Republicans increasingly divided over global warming

Gosh, we never would have figured this out on our own. The conclusion is stunning: SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION In response to our first research question, we find a sizable political divide between liberals/Democrats and conservatives/Republicans in the American public on … Continue reading

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New gasoline engine design has 4x efficiency of pistons

This looks promising. It is basically a continuous combustion wave turbine. While not super powerful in this early design and not intended to replace a V-8 it can be brought to market for a hybrid vehicle application soon, according to … Continue reading

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Theory: Climate change to affect food safety

I suppose it’s a toss up between “do you want fries with that?” and all the food content danger it implies, or the chance that you’ll get moldy or infected food. Our society has made great advances in food safety … Continue reading

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College students lack scientific literacy, study finds

After reading this I asked myself: Is it any wonder college students get sucked in to emotionally based eco-causes/NGO’s that spout claims based on questionable science?  This troubling press release comes from Michigan State University. A link to the full … Continue reading

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