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‘Paleotempestology’ – the new Mann science

I missed this announcement yesterday, but when I saw the word “paleotempestology” today, I immediately thought of Dr. Michael Mann, mainly because he throws tempests and everybody else studies them as examples of scientific silliness aka Tabloid Climatology™. Sure enough, … Continue reading

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Geological Society of America goes wild for meteorological Mann

Gosh, a breakout session on hurricane Sandy with Michael Mann, and they label it “breaking news”. From the Geological Society of America website: BREAKING NEWS: GSA Session to Address Hurricane Sandy GSA Annual Meeting Technical Sessions: Rapid Sea-Level Rise and … Continue reading

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The IPCC weighs in on the Mann Nobel dilemma, and throws him under the bus

This statement was issued today from the IPCC, which appears to be inspired by the recent claims of Dr. Michael Mann in the lawsuit against NRO that we discussed here and here. The colored bold text in the paragraph below … Continue reading

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Mann has filed suit against NRO (now the laughing begins)

This just in. Here’s a potential bombshell for the Mann: Mann’s hockey stick disappears – and CRU’s Briffa helps make the MWP live again by pointing out bias in the data ======================================================== Popcorn futures* continue their unprecedented climb: UPDATE: Sunday 10/28 … Continue reading

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Listen in on Mike Mann’s legal wranglings at AGU

Steve McIntyre reports that the AGU is schlepping for Dr. Mann’s legal defense with a live audio webcast: An Inside Look at the Michael Mann Case Featuring Peter Fontaine, counsel to Michael Mann and a leader of Cozen O’Connor’s Brownfield … Continue reading

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Yay! Mike Mann took the bait, intends to file lawsuit against Steyn and NRO

UPDATE: Uh oh, looks like Mann will have to sue Investors Business Daily too, because they say that: It’s been the greatest fraud of all time, and Michael Mann has been at the heart of it. UPDATE2: Climate Depot has … Continue reading

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Fighting the Mann

From Mark Steyn’s web page Mann-made climate change turns up the heat on Steyn Michael Mann, the professor who created the climate-change “hockey stick”, announced over the weekend his intention to sue National Review over Mark’s Corner post “Football and … Continue reading

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Mannhandled: from data to demonization

Over on Climate Audit, there’s an interesting thread going on about Lonnie Thompson and his wife Ellen, who Steve McIntyre describes as “serial non-archivers” due to their overt refusal to put their ice-core data online is spite of grant rules … Continue reading

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The Neo Paleo Twitter war of Mann -vs- D’Arrigo

It seems that Columbia’s Rosanne D’Arrigo thinks Mann’s tree ring study isn’t representative proxies for volcanic eruptions, nor good for dendrochronology, though Mike Mann seems to think so. This Twitter interchange via Alexandra Witze from the AGU Chapman Conference on … Continue reading

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Letter to the editor: A wish for Dr. Michael Mann to clear some things up from an errant PSU grad

by Joe Bastardi Being I am branded as a “denier”, I am having trouble dismissing the relevance of the tree ring studies that challenge the hockey stick, in light of the magnitude of the weight against co2 having any relevance … Continue reading

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Michael Mann on “Inside Story”

Tom Nelson points out that Michael Mann’s sabbatical gives him time to take a break from his sober, objective, apolitical, just-the-facts, hard-science-only work to discuss the environmentalist movement on: Seems rather ho-hum until you look up what network “Inside Story” … Continue reading

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Mann -vs- ATI case–unsettled

Prince William climate case judge already anticipating the appeal By Tom Jackman Washington Post The e-mails of climate researcher Michael E. Mann are at the heart of a Freedom of Information Act case that will almost certainly wind up in … Continue reading

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Scientist’s rebuttal of Michael Mann’s “denier”and other unsavory labels in his book

By Craig Loehle, Ph.D. Since I am mentioned in Mann’s book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines and not kindly, it seems necessary to set the record straight. I do not take credit for … Continue reading

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Josh on Mann’s Jurassic Moment

Moviegoing readers of WUWT probably remember this famous moment from a famous film based on a Michel Crichton book. While “State of Fear” might come to mind first, it’s actually one of the 50 Greatest Jurassic Park Moments. Josh writes: … Continue reading

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Next Post

Originally posted on Climate Audit:
Michael Mann’s new book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, discusses my comment [SMc note - this post is by Hu McCulloch] , “Irreproducible Results in Thompson et al., ‘Abrupt Tropical Climate Change: Past…

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Editorial – In support of Dr. Michael Mann and open debate

UPDATE: Lubos Motl has a poll running on whether this is the right stance to take or not. Feel free to take it here – Anthony This is an editorial that I never thought I’d be writing and I expect … Continue reading

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Open letter to Dr. Erickson, President of Penn State University

(Reader Reed Coray submits this letter) I have to admire Penn State’s chutzpah. Smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest ethical scandals in recent collegiate history, Penn State schedules an “ethics seminar” entitled “An Ethical Critique of … Continue reading

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Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!

A link to where to download the new FOIA2011.zip file is posted below the fold – This will be a top post for a few days -NEW STORIES APPEAR BELOW THIS ONE -I’ve also reversed the order of the updates … Continue reading

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