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Hump day hilarity: Big Kahuna Warmy

From the overhyped and virtually overheated UK Met Office meeting yesterday where they tried to explain “The Pause” Telegraph blogger Sean Thomas was there and was able to get first hand reports on what was said. Bishop Hill says: “I … Continue reading

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12 Reasons Why The Met Office Is Alarmed

From the GWPF: Met Office To Hold Crisis Summit On Epic Forecast Failures The Met Office’s temperature forecasts issued in 12 out of the last 13 years have been too warm. None of the forecasts issued ended up too cold. … Continue reading

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Uh oh, the Met Office has set the cat amongst the pigeons

Excerpt from Bishop Hill (plus a cartoon from Josh) showing that the claim of a statistically significant temperature rise can’t be supported, and the Met office is ducking parliamentary questions: (h/t Randy Hughes) Met Office admits claims of significant temperature … Continue reading

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More than a feeling…

You may recall this story:  Climate Craziness of the week – with the physical signature of UHI staring them right in the face, Mann & Borenstein go with their ‘gut’ instincts Josh writes: With several questions from MPs recently, see here, here and here, … Continue reading

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English Winters Back To Normal–Julia Blames Global Warming!

By Paul Homewood According to the Sun, Britain’s winters are getting colder because of melting Arctic ice, the Government’s forecaster said yesterday. Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo said climate change was “loading the dice” towards freezing, drier weather — … Continue reading

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FOIA obtained Met Office document shows them to be clueless about what affects our climate, and, in particular, what caused the unusual weather last year

Maybe all they need is a bigger computer Guest post by by Paul Homewood Following the wet summer in the UK last year, the  Met Office provided the Environment Agency with a briefing document, giving an overview of the weather. … Continue reading

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Josh on Rose and the Met Office

For some references, see below the cartoon… 

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UK Endures Coldest Autumn Since 1993

Guest post by Paul Homewood The UK Met Office report that the UK has just had its coldest autumn for nineteen years, leaving 2012 on course to be second coldest year since 1996.

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The Met Office COPing response

Willis Eschenbach notes that the COP predictions from the Met Office, which I highlighted here, are all over the road. He writes: In the most recent one, they didn’t make a prediction, but they included the historical record, so let … Continue reading

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Met Office – COPing to predictions

People send me stuff. Today I got a document dump, not quite on the Scale of ClimateGate but interesting nonetheless. These are the Met Office’s past reports to the COP climate conferences  going back to 1998, containing predictions about climate … Continue reading

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