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Megafire study suggests today’s megafires, at least in the southwestern U.S., are atypical

From SMU (Southern Methodist University) comes this press release which really isn’t surprising. North America didn’t have a forest fire suppression program for the last 1400 years, so there wasn’t a fuel buildup issue like we have today, forest floors … Continue reading

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More solar linkages to climate variations

From Pierre Gosselin’s No Tricks Zone: Oases of the Chinese Taklamakan Desert Greened Up In Sync With Solar Millenial Cycles by Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt The Taklamakan Desert is the 2nd world’s largest sand desert after the Rub el-Khali … Continue reading

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Pat Michaels – on the death of credibility in the journal Nature

Atmospheric Aerosols and the Death of Nature Guest post by Dr. Patrick Michaels Big news last week was that new findings published in Nature magazine showed that human emissions of aerosols (primarily from fossil fuel use) have been largely responsible … Continue reading

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Proof that “climate disruption” is found all the way back to pre-industrial times

A new paper in Quaternary Science Reviews titled: Combined dendro-documentary evidence of Central European hydroclimatic springtime extremes over the last millennium …demonstrates that there is evidence for extreme weather during both the Medieval Warming Period  and the Little Ice Age, … Continue reading

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Yes, I know, I covered it first: The Medieval Warm Period was Global

I must have had 20 tips and notes/contacts over the past 24 hours like this one: New temperature proxy discovered An article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2120512/Global-warming-Earth-heated-medieval-times-human-CO2-emissions.html) in the Mail Online describes a paper (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0012821X12000659) detailing a new temperature proxy that indicates that the … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Quote of the Week: “I am always happy to be in the minority.  Concerning the climate models, I know enough of the details to be sure that they are unreliable. They are full of fudge factors that are fitted to … Continue reading

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More evidence the Medieval Warm Period was global

UPDATE: 3/30/12 Since a number of commenters that are getting bent out of shape over the issue can’t apparently be bothered to read the paper, and since the authors at Syracuse themselves are under pressure because the alarmosphere has gone … Continue reading

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Scafetta’s new paper attempts to link climate cycles to planetary motion

Nicola Scafetta sent me this paper yesterday, and I read it with interest, but I have a number of reservations about it, not the least of which is that it is partially based on the work of Landscheidt and the … Continue reading

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Why William D. Nordhaus Is Wrong About Global Warming Skeptics Being Wrong…

Guest post by David Middleton William D. Nordhaus is an economics professor at Yale University. He recently published this essay in the New York Review of Books… Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong March 22, 2012 William D. Nordhaus … Continue reading

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Ancient Iraqi meteorologists speak to the present on climate

From Wiley-Blackwell via Eurekalert Ancient Arabic writings help scientists piece together past climate Iraqi sources from 9th and 10th centuries give new meteorological insights – The team believes the sources show Iraq to have experienced a greater frequency of significant … Continue reading

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Monckton responds to Skeptical Science

Cooking the books By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Mr. John Cook, who runs a website puzzlingly entitled Skeptical Science” (for he is not in the least sceptical of the “official” position) seems annoyed that I won the 2011 televised debate … Continue reading

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The Message in the Dye 3 Data

Guest post by David Archibald The story so far: in this recent post – Ap Index Neutrons and Climate, we had looked at the Dye 3 oxygen isotope-derived temperature record to see how big climate swings have been over the … Continue reading

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In China, there are no hockey sticks

Reposted from Jo Nova’s site Chinese 2485 year tree ring study shows shows sun or ocean controls climate, temps will cool til 2068 A blockbuster Chinese study of Tibetan Tree rings by Lui et al 2011 shows, with detail, that … Continue reading

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New study shows temperature in Greenland significantly warmer than present several times in the last 4000 years

Kobashi et al 2011 was just published in GRL, and it looks like it will be upsetting the paleoclimate apple cart. The conclusions of Kaufman et al 2009 look to be minimized in comparison to this much more complete study. … Continue reading

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No global climate change in the past 20,000 years?

Guest post by Dr. Don J. Easterbrook Dept. of Geology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA In a paper entitled “Current global warming appears anomalous in relation to the climate of the last 20 000 years,” Svante Björck claims that, over … Continue reading

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Our sustainable mirth

Bishop Hill writes of a new paper, one so “toe curling” it is worth mentioning here to get more exposure. He writes: This is science? This is progress? Reports on Progress in Physics, a journal published by the Institute of Physics … Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Hertzberg responds to Dr. Michael Mann

Readers may recall the strange series of events leading up to the post facto revisionism at the Vail Daily News when Dr. Michael Mann sent an angry reply letter to the newspaper and then the original letter from Dr. Hertzberg … Continue reading

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Warming Island / Greenland Sea Regional Climate and Arctic Sea Ice Reconstruction

Guest post by David Middleton The recent return of the Warming Island AGW myth inspired me to build a climate reconstruction for the Greenland Sea region. Temperature Reconstruction I performed a GISS station search centered on 71.4 N latitude, 23.5 … Continue reading

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The BBC’s Richard Black Engages in “Goldilocks-Picking”

Guest post by David Middleton From the BBC… Climate: Cherries are not the only fruit Just about the most predictable event of the week was the tempest of opinion created by the analysis of global temperature changes published in the … Continue reading

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Easterbrook on the potential demise of sunspots

THE DEMISE OF SUNSPOTS—DEEP COOLING AHEAD? Don J. Easterbrook, Professor of Geology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA The three studies released by NSO’s Solar Synoptic Network this week, predicting the virtual vanishing of sunspots for the next several decades and … Continue reading

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Warming 101 primer

Submitted by D.B. Stealey This article went viral when it was first published. Well worth reading: “Our planet has been slowly warming since last emerging from the “Little Ice Age” of the 17th century, often associated with the Maunder Minimum. … Continue reading

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Greenland and AGW

Guest post by S Jay Porter In 891 AD. Eric The Red set off from Iceland with a few followers to explore a land to the west which they had probably spotted some time before while sailing out in their … Continue reading

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New paleo reconstruction shows warmer periods in Alaska over the past 3000 years

For those worried about tundra melt and methane outgassing, this study might dampen those worries a bit. A new peer-reviewed study by Clegg et al. demonstrates that modern global warming is significantly less than the global warming experienced in the … Continue reading

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How I learned to stop smoking and love Global Warming

Guest post by by Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D. In my work as an archaeologist in Alaska, I spent a good swat of my time hiking through forests along the Yukon River, scrambling over piles of driftwood along the northwest coast … Continue reading

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