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Bish on the Lindzen debate at the Oxford Union – plus cartoon by Josh

I was invited to attend this debate and to participate by Noha El-Sayed of Al Jazeeera, but the notice was too short, and arranging travel from California to England was impossibly expensive at the last minute, requiring me to defer. … Continue reading

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Saturday Silliness – Josh’s wind energy fact sheet – global wind power ‘to the nearest whole number’

Hi all! Following this week’s Twitter exchange between Matt Ridley and Mark Lynas I thought a helpful fact sheet about Wind Energy would be useful. People can print it out, send to their relatives, MPs, Senators etc etc. Thanks! Josh

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Warmer loses BBC sponsored bet: “…the standstill, not the increase, is now this warm period’s defining characteristic.”

Press release London, 13 January: A climate bet proposed by the BBC’s radio programme “More or Less” four years ago has been won by Dr David Whitehouse, a former BBC Science Editor and a scientific adviser to the Global Warming Policy … Continue reading

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Wow, Lynas tells it like it is.

This is in the UK Daily mail today, and it’s like sacrilege to the greens to have one of ther own say this:

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Quote of the Week – bonus edition

Normally I have only one, but this has been an extraordinary week. Thanks to the conflict of interest so aptly and unashamedly demonstrated by the IPCC and Greenpeace, warmist Mark Lynas has publicly embraced “denialism”. Here’s his stunning statement:

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A blunder of staggering proportions by the IPCC

Steve McIntyre has uncovered a blunder on the part of Pachauri and the IPCC that is causing waves of doubt and calls for retooling on both sides of the debate. In a nutshell, the IPCC made yet another inflated claim … Continue reading

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