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The big stink 93.9 million years ago – blame CO2

From the University of California – Riverside , and the department of sulfurous odors, comes this “it must be carbon dioxide” moment: “Also associated with this event are high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which are linked to … Continue reading

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‘Carbon’ to blame for giant crabs

CO2, is there anything it can’t do? Add it to the list. Over at WaPo, they call them “supersized”. From Counsel and Heal News (h/t to Gene Doebley): Carbon To Blame for Oversized Blue Crabs The use of genetic engineering … Continue reading

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Climate change scares the fish

From FIS – Worldnews and the warming omnipotence department comes this: Climate change darkens water, drives fish away  Norwegian coastal waters are darkening due to changes in weather and climate, damaging optical conditions for marine animals. Marine biologist Dag L … Continue reading

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CO2 increase is “like hitting our ecosystem with a sledge-hammer”

That comes from this statement in the press release: Professor Kennedy said that the doubling of the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere over the past 50 years is “like hitting our ecosystem with a sledge-hammer” Hmmm, you’d think … Continue reading

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