Coldest Spring In England Since 1891

By Paul Homewood Originally, it was thought to be the coldest spring since 1962. Winter? Teesdale in County Durham blanketed in snow on May 23 in what is likely to be Britain’s coldest spring since 1962 According to the Central England Temperature Series, England has just experienced its coldest Spring since 1891. The average…

UAH Global Temperature anomaly up in March at 0.11°C

Global Temperature Report: March 2012 U.S. hits record highs in March, Iowa is ‘warmest’ place on Earth Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.13 C per decade March temperatures (preliminary) Global composite temp.: +0.11 C (about 0.20 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for March. About these ads

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