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Australia’s ABC comes round to the sinking islands/floating islands issue

UPDATED: Note that this tip was spurred by this discussion at Andrew Bolt’s today, and I failed to note the date of the ABC story was in 2010, and I apologize for any confusion, but there’s also relevant news today. … Continue reading

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The Maldives Emily Littella sea level moment – never mind…

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with Emily Littella) From Tom Nelson: Current Maldives president: Remember when the previous Maldives president claimed that CO2 was going to cause our country to disappear? Never mind HaveeruOnline – Global warming won’t … Continue reading

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Yeah, we’ll get right on that…

From Inderscience Publishers , a shocking revelation. People actually go to Botswana. Though, maybe they’ve been jealous of the Maldives and Tuvalu getting all the attention and handouts for non-existent climate threats. The Maldives formula is simple: Say your livelihood … Continue reading

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The Maldives are sinking – and we aren’t talking about sea level

Whoo boy. Nutso times in the Maldives. I guess the president wasn’t bringing in enough cargo cult money for the sea level “send us money we’re sinking” scam being perpetrated on the world. I said previously that Mohamed Nasheed’s claims … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – what Durban is really about

WUWT commenter Cal65 from Hawaii burns away all of the irrelevancy of posturing and pronouncements and gets to the core truth of what the Durban climate deal is really all about. He writes: The UN plan will shift wealth from … Continue reading

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Message to Maldives president Mohammed Nasheed: your claims are BS

From NatGeo Newswatch: Maldives, Ground Zero for Climate Change Impacts If there is a ground zero for observing the impacts of a changing global climate the Maldives are definitely a front-runner. … Soon after arriving by float plane President Nasheed … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – The Times Atlas of the world, it is a changing

Josh writes: There has been a considerable fuss about the feel-good 14th Edition of the Times Atlas of the World even in the Guardian, which did elicit an apology from the Times. Subsequently James Delingpole wrote a delightful spoof which did not go down too well in … Continue reading

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The Maldives can’t take a joke

But they can sure act like one: From the BBC: Maldives government complains of spoof atlas omission The government of the Maldives has complained after the London Daily Telegraph website carried a satirical blog post saying the island nation is … Continue reading

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